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On 5 March 2015, GEO was pleased to host attendees at the GEO's 2015 N. California Forum. Thank you to everyone who attended, as well as to our speakers and event sponsors for their support.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming activities in the San Francisco region.


Highlights from 5 March 2015

GEO Northern California Forum

The GEO Northern California Forum has concluded. Visit the Forum page for more information.

Highlights from 14 January 2015

GEO San Francisco Chapter Meeting

Global Stock Plans – Key International Updates
The laws impacting global stock plans change at the speed of light; have you kept up? This popular panel covered key tax and legal changes around the world—as well as enforcement activity that may warrant immediate response—and provided attendees with a clear action plan to address recent changes. This session was intended to get you back up to speed and ensure your global stock plans are still compliant with local country legislation.

Valerie Diamond, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP
Denise Glagau, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP

Highlights from 16 October 2014

GEO San Francisco Chapter Meeting

My Year End Stock Administration Love Affair
Do you have a contentious relationship with year end? Does it make you slam doors, tear your hair out, and drive you to drink? We’ll teach you how to LOVE it because you’ll know how to prepare for it! Let’s find that spring in your step, get your heart fluttering, and put a smile on your face when it comes to planning year end activities for your global equity plans.

Diane Atteberry, Manager, Client Services, Solium
Stephen Buckhout, Equity Compensation Administration Project Consultant, SXB CEP Consulting

Highlights from 6 March 2014

GEO Northern California Forum

The GEO Northern California Forum has concluded. Visit the Forum page for more information.

Highlights from 5 February 2014

GEO San Francisco Chapter Meeting

This meeting was complimentary for GEO members thanks to Fidelity.

Hot Topics in Equity Comp
What do you think are the hottest issues equity professionals are facing? Here is your chance to learn more about the topics you think are most interesting. This fun and interactive session is designed just for you… putting the audience in the driver’s seat as two tenured equity compensation professionals offer a rapid fire, audience driven session addressing new (and resurgent) equity compensation hot topics. Do you want to learn more about CEO Pay Ratios? Or, is the increased auditor interest in DTA balances calling to you? Do you wonder about performance awards’ ability to really pay for corporate performance? Does Cost Basis Legislation or DOMA keep you up at night? Are ownership guidelines or disposition surveys nagging at you? Join this session for an opportunity to dive into these topics and more. Emily Cervino, CEP, Fidelity Stock Plan Services, and Elizabeth Dodge, CEP, Stock & Option Solutions, will present a dashboard of choices, and the audience will drive from topic to topic, providing an insightful and educational session on topics that are important to you.

Emily Cervino, CEP, Fidelity Stock Plan Services
Elizabeth Dodge, CEP, Stock and Option Solutions

Highlights from 9 October 2013

GEO San Francisco Chapter Meeting

This meeting was complimentary for GEO members thanks to Deloitte.

To mobility and beyond! Taking the mobile employee discussion a step further, for an educated audience
The complexity related to mobile employee equity has been well chronicled and the subject of dozens of presentations over the years. Rather than going over old ground, in this presentation our speakers focused on some of the more advanced but equally important aspects of mobile employee equity compliance, specifically:
      - tax strategies: balancing compliance and employee experience
      - payroll execution and common challenges: both US (multi-state income reporting) and international
      - data collection and tracking
      - change management
      - technology implementation challenges and tips

The discussion assumed a basic understanding of the issue and focus on the practical execution. This discussion was equally relevant to multi-national mobile employee populations and US domestic companies with state mobility.

Mark Miller, Global Rewards Practice Leader, Deloitte
Stacy Fox, CEP, Senior Manager, Global Equity Plans & 401k Administration,
Ingrid Freire, Associate Director, Compensation Programs & Equity, Genentech

Highlights from 18 April 2013

GEO California Forum

The GEO California Forum has concluded. Visit the Forum website for access to the presentations:



5 March 2015
10:30am - 12:00pm
Arrivals, Lunch, Sponsor Expo
12:00pm - 5:00pm
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Networking Reception

Auto Vino
205 Constitution Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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