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We are pleased to announce that this year’s Forum will be held on Thursday, 9 June. For further information, please visit the Forum webpage.



Highlights from 10 March 2016

GEO Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting

Virtual Annual Meetings: URL Address vs. the Physical Address
One year ago, HP became the largest company to hold a virtual-only annual meeting. Did the technology help transparency, or hinder it? Was HP able to increase engagement while saving money? Above all, was it good corporate governance? We’ll take a quick look at HP’s meeting and investigate other good uses of video annual meetings and quarterly earnings calls.

Katie Colendich, Vice President, HP Inc.
Chris Hummel, Vice President, Broadridge Financial Services

Highlights from 10 December 2015

GEO’s Northern California Annual Holiday Celebration

The GEO Northern California Annual Holiday Celebration has concluded. Visit the Forum page for more information.

Highlights from 8 July 2015

GEO Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting

FASB Proposed Changes on Equity Compensation (maximum tax withholding rates, estimated forfeiture rates and more): What they Mean to You!
Download the Presentation

Bill Dunn, Partner, PwC

Highlights from 5 March 2015

GEO Northern California Forum

The GEO Northern California Forum has concluded. Visit the Forum page for more information.

Highlights from 19 December 2014

GEO Silicon Valley Annual Holiday Celebration

The 2014 annual holiday social event was hosted by Yahoo! Events started at 4:30pm with raffle prizes and catered food/wine/beer/beverages.

Highlights from 26 September 2014

GEO Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting

Global ESPPs
Whether your company has offered its ESPP globally for years or is considering starting or re-starting an ESPP, in this session the panel took another (and closer) look at global ESPPs. Increasingly, with complex and expensive regulatory obstacles, as well as low participation, companies are more selective in offering their ESPPs around the world. In addition, companies that may have suspended their ESPPs internationally due to compliance, participation and budgetary concerns, are increasingly exploring offering their ESPPs in select countries. We will examine the regulatory challenges of a global ESPP, including the unique issues presented by Section 423 plans. The panelists will share their experiences and best practices for successfully offering ESPPs globally. Key Points: discuss the introduction or re-introduction of ESPPs internationally; examine the regulatory challenges, including the unique issues for Section 423 plans; and explore best practices for a successful global ESPP.

Highlights from 6 March 2014

GEO Northern California Forum

The GEO Northern California Forum has concluded. Visit the Forum page for more information.

Highlights from 12 December 2013

GEO Silicon Valley Annual Holiday Celebration

The 2013 annual holiday social event was hosted by Yahoo! Events started at 5:30pm with a Voluntary Gift Exchange at 6:30pm.

Highlights from 18 April 2013

GEO California Forum

The GEO California Forum has concluded. Visit the Forum website for access to the presentations:

Highlights from 28 February 2013

GEO Silicon Valley Breakfast Briefing

What's Happening: New (and Resurgent) Equity Themes in 2013
With 2012 year-end in the rear view mirror, the rest of 2013 lays ahead and it is sure to be filled with new discussions on equity, as well as a return of dormant issues. Join this session for a rapid fire session of ten things to think about for the rest of 2013. From the impact of tax changes, to insights on participant thoughts on their equity plans, to some of the old favorites with retirement eligibility and 10b5-1, Emily Cervino, CEP, from Fidelity Investments, and Robyn Shutak from the Global Equity Organization, will lead an insightful and educational session on topics that are sure to cross your desk this year.

Emily Cervino, Fidelity Investments
Robyn Shutak, Global Equity Organization

Speaker Bios
Emily Cervino, CEP, Vice President, Fidelity Investments
With over 15 years experience in varied roles in the equity compensation industry, Emily has a unique appreciation for the opportunities and challenges of equity compensation. At Fidelity Stock Plan Services, Emily focuses on strategic marketing initiatives, thought leadership, and building Fidelity’s strong industry presence.
Formerly as Executive Director of the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) at SCU, Emily was involved in all aspects of certification, research and program marketing. In previous roles, Emily managed all the equity compensation programs at National Semiconductor and held various roles at E*TRADE/ShareData.
Emily is a frequent speaker at equity compensation events, Past President of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the NASPP, and a member of NASPP, GEO and NCEO.

Robyn A. Shutak, CEP, Senior Director, Programs and Member Services, Global Equity Organization (GEO)
Robyn Shutak is the Senior Director, Programs and Member Services for the Global Equity Organization, a non-profit global membership organization dedicated to providing value in the areas of education and networking within the equity compensation industry, with more than 13 years of experience in all aspects of equity compensation.
Prior to joining GEO, Robyn was the Education Director for the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) where she was responsible for the design, implementation and management of the association's educational offerings. Prior to her role at the NASPP, Robyn held positions at various issuer firms where she had responsibility for global employee stock options, restricted stock, and stock purchase programs. Robyn's issuer experience includes oversight of employee stock plans in various M&A transactions, insider trading compliance, accounting and valuation, plan administration and plan participant communications on a global basis.
Robyn is a Certified Equity Professional (CEP). She currently serves on the Certification Counsel of the CEP Institute, has also served on the Curriculum Committee and has been regularly recognized by the CEP Institute with Volunteer Excellence awards. Robyn is a frequent speaker on equity compensation topics and is a co-author of the book, “If I’d Only Known That,” published in 2011 by the NCEO. She served as the Programming Director for the San Diego Chapter of the NASPP for more than seven years. She holds a BA in English from San Diego State University and a Paralegal Certificate (with honors) from the ABA Paralegal Program at the University of San Diego.




9 June 2016

N. California Forum
11:00am – 12:00pm
Registration & Lunch
12:00 - 1:00pm
1:00pm – 5:00pm
5:00pm – 6:00pm
Happy Hour

Devil's Canyon Brewery
935 Washington Street
San Carlos, California 94070

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