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On 24 October, 2014, GEO was pleased to host attendees at the GEO Boston Chapter Meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended, as well as to our speakers and event sponsors for their support.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming activities in the Boston region.


Highlights from 24 October 2014

GEO Boston Chapter Meeting


Evolving Grant Strategies Ever wondered if you could successfully overhaul your equity granting strategy? Please join us to hear about how Boston-based Iron Mountain did just that.

Gene Baker of Iron Mountain will provide a data-driven review of how he has led his organization to its current equity philosophy by covering the history of their granting strategy and some of the key metrics he’s utilizing to set goals for future grants. To help provide context to the Iron Mountain story, Fidelity will also provide data in two key areas:

  • Equity granting trends from Fidelity’s client base – not only will Iron Mountain’s data be highlighted but Fidelity has benchmarked this data against the rest of its client base – across a variety of peer groups including company size, company industry, and geography.

  • Fidelity has also mined its extensive stock plan database to uncover information about employee behavior post vest – do they hold? Do they sell? Mix it up? This analysis will explore employee selling behavior, including differences in US employees versus OUS employees. Better then survey data, Fidelity’s review is based on actual hard data taken from its recordkeeping system.


Gene Baker, Iron Mountain
Rich Lyman, Fidelity Stock Plan Service

Highlights from 28 March 2014

GEO Boston and NASPP Boston Global Tour


Global Tour Attendees joined the GEO Boston Chapter and the NASPP on a global tour, as they discussed the logistics and challenges of administering equity plans for a globally mobile population. Rob Melz, VP Mobility at State Street Corporation; Christopher C. Hall, Global Tax Network; and, Jewon Wee, Independent Stock Plan Advisors shared tips and tricks on how to set up a process for capturing and applying tax rates for global equity participants, and to how keep it all current in the midst of a constantly shifting regulatory environment.

Highlights from 7 May 2013

GEO Boston Chapter Meeting

Global Equity Updates – Jewon Wee of ISP Advisors and Sandy Shurin of Deloitte Tax
Download ISP Presentation, Download Deloitte Presentation

China – Joyce Chen of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe led a discussion regarding SAFE filings under the current Circular 7 vs. the prior Circular 78. Kim Malvacini, Manager of Global Equity Plans at Alexion Pharmaceuticals shared Alexion’s recent experience in its first SAFE filing. Kim was joined by Keith Bilezerian, Sr. Corp. & Benefits Counsel at Covidien who shared some of Covidien’s experiences.
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France – Amy Reina of Deloitte Tax led a discussion regarding the escalating taxes in France and her experience as to what companies may be thinking in terms of whether they plan to continue offering qualified equity plans in France (or are entertaining alternatives). We invited issuers attending to share their perspectives on the offering of equity in France, as well.
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24 October 2014
8:30am - 9:15am Networking and Check-In
9:15am - 10:30am Presentation

15 Hampshire St.
Building 3
Mansfield, MA 02048

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