GEO's Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight and governance of GEO as well as ensuring that the necessary resources are in place to provide for the longevity of the organization. 

Voting closes on 15 June 2024 at 5pm Pacific Time.


If you have any questions about the upcoming elections, please contact GEO.

Amy Reback

Owner, Consultant
Edelweiss Consulting
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
My first year on the GEO Board of Directors was a terrific experience and I am eager to continue my service as a GEO board member in an even more meaningful way going forward.
It was empowering to work alongside so many inspiring professionals that are as passionate about the equity industry as I am. I spent my first term on the GEO board taking on several analysis projects, offering suggestions to the board chair on expense policies, current & future state opportunities to support GEO chapters & members, analyzing GEO internal operations, staffing models and creating project templates for future state, wholistic strategic planning models and membership offers. With the help of the chapter committee leads and GEO staff I gathered the foundational resources to re-launch the Midwest chapter and initiate a new chapter in Denver in 2H 2024. It has been my great honor to serve GEO and to have been trusted with these important initiatives.
As a board candidate in 2024, I can offer a broader perspective from the experience I've gained through various consulting projects with issuers, other service providers, various players contributing to the industry and my fellow GEO board members. I intend to leverage that new perspective to support and promote GEO as the premier community for equity compensation professionals.
My affinity for this industry stems from deep, personal experience as a financial advisor, helping individual families plan their financial futures for 15+ years. I learned how impactful equity compensation can be in fulfilling long term financial goals and creating legacies. In my most recent role as a leading executive of the stock plan business at a large service provider, listening to individuals talk about how their employee grants have made the impossible become a reality was a tremendously fulfilling joy that never weathered.
Lastly, I have chosen to dedicate my personal time and resources to GEO because as a non-profit organization, GEO exists purely to promulgate their mission to promote broad-based share ownership worldwide.
This provides an environment for GEO leadership to remain laser-focused on serving the industry, creating unparalleled education programs, career development, knowledge sharing, leadership and networking opportunities for equity professionals. GEO is an innovator, and I would be thrilled to be part of their future by continuing my board service in 2024 and beyond. Thank you so very much for your consideration!
Specific skills
Analytical, Executive Presentation, Project Planning & Execution, Executive Leadership, Innovation and Transformational Change Management.
Other board positions
I have held board positions in the past for the Red Cross of Colorado, Pi Beta Phi Women's Fraternity and the Backcountry Homeowners Association.

Christopher Dohrmann

Executive Director
JP Morgan
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
After more than 35 years working in Equity Compensation, I feel it is important for me to give back much of what I have learned to others just joining the field, but perhaps to magnify my contributions by working with an organizations such as GEO. GEO shares my objectives and my drive to foster and promote Equity Compensation as a key to attracting and rewarding the best possible talent, in a very wide range of industries. I have served in almost all aspects of Equity Compensation, and I feel my perspective is extremely unique because of that. I have been: an employee of a General Partner at a REIT, a manger at a transfer agent, and a Business Analyst/Product Team member at five software providers. I would like to bring all of these experiences to GEO and continue to build an industry leading organization.
Specific skills
Marketing, Project Management, Budgeting, Expertise regarding Equity Compensation regulation and compliance, FINRA licensing, Podcasting
Other board positions
None, currently - I do serve on NASPP Strategic Partner Alliance

Dheeraj Lalwani

Head of Client Relationships - Equity Plan Solutions
Link Group
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I would like to be a GEO Board Member because I am passionate about the benefits of employee share ownership and the global community of professionals that supports it I have over 17 years of experience in the employee share plan industry and understand the importance of employee ownership. I, head the Employee share plan team at Link Group that administers employee plans for over 500 clients globally. I believe that being a GEO Board Member would allow me to further contribute to the mission and vision of GEO, by providing strategic direction, oversight, and guidance to the organization. I would also like to leverage my skills and network to promote GEO's membership growth, outreach, and engagement, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, where I have strong connections and understanding of the market. I think that being a GEO Board Member would be a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity to serve the GEO community and advance the cause of employee share ownership globally.
Specific skills
I have a solid background in global employee share plans, accounting, valuation, and IFRS reporting, which gives me the ability to understand and address the needs and challenges of GEO members. I also have excellent soft skills that I can leverage to promote GEO's mission and vision. I am confident in my communication, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and networking skills, which are essential for building and maintaining relationships within and outside the GEO community.
Other board positions
I am a board member of the Employee Ownership Australia (EOA). It is an independent not for profit, member-based organization that represents a diverse range of members; from listed companies with employee share schemes (ESS) through to worker-owned co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs).

Eaton Williamson

Director, Executive Compensation & Equity
Seagate Technology
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
Dear Members of the Board,

I am writing to express my interest in joining the Board of Directors for GEO. With a background in data analytics and AI, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic vision to the table.

I am eager to join the Board of Directors for the Global Equity Organization because I deeply share the organization’s commitment to fostering equity on a global scale. My passion for data analytics and AI, coupled with my expertise in technology-driven executive compensation and equity, positions me to contribute significantly to the board’s work. I believe that through innovative and transparent technology solutions, we can create more equitable systems that benefit all stakeholders.

Furthermore, my commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with GEO’s values, and I believe that embracing a multitude of perspectives is key to fostering innovation and driving effective governance. By promoting an inclusive environment, I aim to enhance collaboration, uphold the organization’s reputation, and ensure that our decisions reflect the diverse voices of our global community.

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the Global Equity Organization’s vision and would be honored to lend my skills and passion to your esteemed board.

Thank you for considering my application,

Eaton Williamson
Specific skills
My professional journey has been marked by a commitment to leveraging technology to enhance business processes and decision-making. In particular, my focus on advancing the executive compensation and equity functions stands as a testament to my ability to align technological innovation with organizational goals. I believe that my skills in analyzing complex datasets and deploying AI-driven solutions can significantly contribute to the organization’s mission of fostering global equity.

Beyond my technical acumen, I also bring a suite of soft skills that are vital for effective board governance. My collaborative approach ensures that I work harmoniously with diverse teams, while my communication skills enable me to articulate complex ideas clearly and persuasively. I am known for my critical thinking abilities, which allow me to navigate and resolve complex issues with a balanced perspective.

Other board positions
I don't currently hold any board positions at other organizations.

Elena Thomas

Plan Management Corp. | OptionTrax
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
As the COO of an equity compensation software and services provider supporting clients across both operating and listed around the globe, I am eager to bring my expertise and passion for equity compensation to the Global Equity Organization (GEO) Board of Directors. For over a decade, I have been dedicated to developing and delivering innovative equity compensation solutions that empower organizations and their employees to achieve financial success and alignment with corporate goals. Serving on the GEO Board would allow me to contribute to an organization that shares my commitment to advancing the field of equity compensation on a global scale. I am especially passionate about the use of equity to build wealth and multi-generational assets for global workforces and feel that GEO is an organization with a similar vision.

I am deeply invested in the mission of the GEO to promote a deeper understanding and best practices in equity compensation. Having worked closely with both private and public companies, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of well-designed equity compensation plans to not only attract and retain top talent but also align employees' interests with those of shareholders, fostering a culture of ownership and long-term thinking. As a GEO Board Member, I would leverage my extensive experience to help shape initiatives that enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of equity compensation worldwide.

In addition to my professional qualifications, I am a firm believer in the power of education and community building. I have actively participated in industry conferences, webinars, and training sessions as a speaker, sponsor, and an attendee. These experiences have underscored the importance of continuous learning and the value of networking with peers. I am enthusiastic about contributing to GEO's efforts to provide high-quality educational opportunities and foster a vibrant, inclusive community of equity compensation professionals.

Having had the opportunity to work across the US, Europe and Latin America, I enjoy and highly value being part of a global community. I am eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to support GEO's mission and help advance the field of equity compensation globally.
Specific skills
As a GEO Board Member, I would aim to bring my 12+ years serving clients globally in equity compensation to support GEO in engaging and educating the global membership. My experience serving as a board and task member for NASPP will be directly relevant to serving in a similar role for GEO and my global perspective is well aligned with GEO's international focus. Our client base spans multiple continents, and I have worked extensively with companies navigating diverse regulatory landscapes and cultural differences. As a unique US-based provider that supports both private and public equity plans for non-US listed and headquartered issuers, I can bring a distinctly global perspective to the Board, with experience ranging from supporting clients with ADRs to the complexities of running a plan through a trustee on the Australian Securities Exchange. I understand the importance of tailoring equity compensation solutions to meet the specific needs of different regions and am adept at identifying and addressing the unique challenges faced by companies operating in a global context. As a GEO Board Member, I would advocate for initiatives that promote cross-border collaboration and knowledge sharing, helping organizations worldwide benefit from the collective expertise of the GEO community.

I am also experienced in the area of working to bring diversity and inclusion topics into the equity compensation realm. Prior to my work on the NASPP DE&I advisory task force, I spearheaded of one of the earliest studies of gender equity in equity compensation across private and public companies, which we developed and published in 2020. I have spoken regularly on leveraging equity compensation as a powerful tool to close the gender and minority asset gap.

My role as COO has equipped me with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing companies in implementing equity compensation programs. I have led cross-functional teams in developing scalable software solutions that streamline the administration of complex equity plans, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions. This experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in equity compensation, from design and implementation to compliance and communication. I am an expert in best practice equity plan administration, as well as the technical details of stock-based compensation and disclosure calculations. I am excited about the opportunity to bring this knowledge to the GEO Board, where I can contribute to the development of resources and educational programs that address these challenges and support organizations in maximizing the value of their equity compensation strategies. As a leader of an equity compensation software and services provider, I also have broad relationships in the industry with third party administrators, global brokerage firms, consultants and valuation and advisory groups in the space that I would utilize to bring more engagement and insights to the GEO community.

Prior to joining the world of equity compensation, I was a management consultant and worked across Europe and Latin America as well as the United States with organizations ranging from fortune 100 companies to global philanthropies and government agencies. That role is where I developed deep analytical problem-solving and public speaking skills and the capability to work with global individuals across all levels of an organization. I hope to leverage all of these skills in support of GEO if I have the opportunity to join the board.
Other board positions
I currently serve on the board of the NASPP Philadelphia Region Chapter. Chapter boards support the regional NASPP community by organizing local educational and social events around equity and executive compensation topics and driving engagement with the national NASPP organization.
I also serve on the NASPP Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advisory Task Force. This task force is leading initiatives to increase the participation of diverse populations both within the NASPP community and within the stock administration profession as a whole. I work on the committee that spearheaded the launch of the NASPP DE&I scholarships and new multicultural resource group.

Jewon Wee

Independent Stock Plan Advisors LLC
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I had served on the GEO board for several years before having to take a break to grow my stock plan consultancy. My firm currently serves 120 to 150 plan sponsors, most of which have participants globally. I believe it is time for me to return to the GEO board to best represent the interest of my clients, and also to share my 30+ of global equity industry experience with the next generation of global equity professionals.
Specific skills
I believe that my 30 years of being in the global equity industry from the unique combination of perspectives of having worked at a global consulting firm (E&Y), a industry leading broker (Fidelity), and a boutique consultancy (Independent Stock Plan Advisors) would be of value to GEO.
Other board positions
I am currently the president of the board of directors for Duxbury Art Association (DAA) which was founded be some of the most influential American artists just over a hundred years ago.

Joseph Pancamo

United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I am writing to express my enthusiastic self-nomination for a position on the Global Equity Organization Board of Directors. With a deep-seated passion for global equity as a pivotal compensation incentive tool, I am committed to the mission of educating and expanding the global equity community. As the Head of Global Equity within BDO's Global Employer Services group, I have had the privilege of leading initiatives that underscore the importance of equity compensation in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees worldwide.

My role at BDO has afforded me a unique vantage point on the complexities and opportunities that global equity presents across different markets and industries. Working with companies across multiple countries and industry groups has enriched my understanding and approach to global equity strategies, allowing me to offer valuable insights and perspectives to the Board and the GEO community. I believe that my experience in navigating these complexities can contribute significantly to the Board's discussions and decision-making processes as it looks to expand awareness of GEO and the business aspects that follow.

I am particularly excited about the opportunity to work alongside other Board members, sharing insights and learning from their experiences. I believe that my background in global equity, combined with my strategic business acumen, positions me to contribute meaningfully to the Board's objectives. My commitment to the global equity community is unwavering, and I am eager to employ my skills and passion in a capacity that supports the Global Equity Organization's mission.
Specific skills
My position as a Partner within BDO, a Big 5 accounting firm, equips me with strategic business development skills that I am eager to leverage in service of the Global Equity Organization. My network within the market, built over years of collaboration and partnership, stands as a testament to my ability to foster relationships and build bridges across the global equity landscape. I am confident that this network can be leveraged to expand awareness of the Global Equity Organization, drawing in new members and partners who share our commitment to equity as a critical component of compensation strategy while expanding the business aspects of GEO.

In my application for a position on the Global Equity Organization Board, I would highlight several specific skills that I believe would contribute significantly to the Board's objectives and overall mission:

Global Equity Expertise: My role as Head of Global Equity within BDO's Global Employer Services group has equipped me with deep expertise in global equity compensation strategies. This includes understanding regulatory, tax, and compliance issues across various jurisdictions, as well as designing equity programs that align with multinational companies' goals.

Strategic Business Development: As a Partner within a Big 5 accounting firm, I have honed my skills in strategic planning and business development. This includes identifying and pursuing growth opportunities, fostering partnerships, and expanding market presence. These skills would be valuable in helping GEO expand its reach and impact within the global equity community.

Cross-Cultural Communication and Collaboration: Working with companies across multiple countries and industry groups has developed my ability to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries and collaborate with diverse teams. This skill is crucial for the GEO Board, which deals with global equity issues affecting members from various parts of the world.

Network Building: My position has allowed me to build a substantial network within the global equity and broader financial services market. This network could be leveraged to raise awareness of the GEO, attract new members, and foster partnerships that support the organization's goals.

Insight Sharing and Thought Leadership: My experiences have provided me with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within global equity. I am committed to sharing these insights with the Board and the broader GEO community through thought leadership, contributing to the collective knowledge and advancing the conversation around equity compensation.

Educational Commitment: I have a strong commitment to educating and mentoring within the global equity space. This includes not only sharing knowledge but also learning from others, a stance that fosters continuous improvement and innovation within the organization.

These skills, combined with my passion for global equity as a critical compensation tool, position me to make a meaningful contribution to the GEO Board. I am eager to leverage these skills to support GEO's mission and help advance the interests of the global equity community.
Other board positions
I do not currently hold other Board of Director positions, but I did serve one-term as a Board of Director for GEO in the past.

Julie Vander Veen

Executive Director, Head of Equity Plan Services
UBS Financial Services, Inc
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
It is my honor to request your support for re-election to the 2024 GEO Board of Directors. Since first being elected to the board in 2019, I believe I’ve contributed to GEO in a meaningful way, helping to drive the strategic direction of the GEO organization for the benefit of our members and the broader global equity community. I've spent the last 20+ years of my career in the equity plan industry. During this time, I’ve lead the charge in developing relationships and delivering solutions that helped issuer clients navigate the numerous complexities associated with managing global equity plans. As a GEO BOD member, I’m able to represent the views, challenges and needs of a large global client base, which in turn contributes to GEO’s focus on delivering differentiated benefits to its membership. A responsibility which I take very seriously and would be privileged to continue.
GEO's sustainability and continued evolution is critically important as a resource to the equity plan community. GEO is the only industry organization unparalleled in its global reach, depth of educational resources and forums, and vast network of supportive members. I have benefited from GEO both personally and professionally in its first 25 years…and would be honored to be part of the strategic leadership driving GEO forward in the future. I believe my leadership experience in the equity plan industry coupled with my ability to act as a voice for numerous issuers will continue to greatly benefit GEO and its members.
Specific skills
Leadership, strategic thinking, financial acumen, problem-solving, strategic networking, and a high degree of EQ!
Other board positions
Not currently sitting on boards other than Millbrook Golf and Tennis Club, Millbrook, New York

Kela Shang

Compensation Partner
Baker McKenzie
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I respectfully request your vote for my election to the GEO Board.

I have been a GEO member for over a decade and during this time, I have attended and presented at many GEO conferences, events and chapter meetings. My firm, Baker McKenzie, has been a long-standing GEO supporter and sponsor. Over the years, many of my colleagues (Ed Burmeister, June Anne Burke, Barbara Klementz, Jennifer Kirk and Lindsay Minnis) have been honored to sit on the GEO Board.

I strongly believe that GEO plays a crucial role in the global equity plan community by helping connect its members and providing great platforms to exchange ideas, network and learn. I share GEO's vision to take global equity compensation to all corners of the world and to broaden its member base globally. In my practice, I focus on assisting companies with offering share plans globally. As such, my work closely aligns with GEO's mission to educate its members on all aspects affecting equity-based employee compensation around the world. Based in the Silicon Valley in the U.S., I also have frequent speaking engagements in Asia. I understand the importance and can see first-hand the great benefits from sharing industry knowledge and know-how, and would like to make further contributions through GEO.

In summary, I would be very honored to be able to serve on the GEO Board and assist GEO in its mission to advance knowledge related to equity compensation worldwide.
Specific skills
As a partner at the law firm with the largest global network, I bring a diverse set of skills and resources to the GEO Board. I am committed to supporting GEO's initiatives by offering meeting spaces and facilitating introductions to reputable global equity practitioners. With many of my clients being GEO members, I possess a deep understanding of their educational needs in navigating the ever-changing global equity landscape.

In particular, my regular visits to Asia, where I have led in-person global equity seminars in various cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, have provided me with invaluable insights into the specific needs and practices of the region. I can play a pivotal role in establishing and strengthening local networks throughout the APAC region, leveraging my extensive experience and connections.

Additionally, I am well-equipped to develop and execute educational programs and events tailored to engage and integrate local equity professional communities, thereby fostering a stronger bond with GEO's global network.
Other board positions
Executive Committee Member, Silicon Valley Chapter of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP).

Marc Muntermann

Head of Global Employment & Mobility
Siemens Energy AG
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I am a GEO Board Member for the last three terms and excited to shape the future of GEO. Supporting GEOs way forward, expanding revenue and drive innovation in Equity and Executive remuneration is my passion.
Specific skills
Strong knowledge in the areas of equity, board, and all employee remuneration. Strategic thinking and business development. Thought leadership as proven by a variety of publications.
Other board positions
I am currently holding no further or additional board position.

Maria Robins

Executive Director
Morgan Stanley at Work
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I have been serving on the prestigious GEO Board for the last three years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would very much like to continue to contribute to the success of this organization for a second term. My involvement with GEO goes back many years, as I have been in the equity compensation industry since it's inception in the US back in the late 1980's. I have worked for 2 major service providers my entire career and have been very involved in the industry for many years in areas such as marketing, sales, thought leadership and events. I was one of the original members who re-invigorated the GEO NYC chapter in 2009, and I still serve on that Leadership Team. I have made so many wonderful friends in the industry and even more serving on this Board. I truly admire how this global organization operates in the spirit of education, collaboration and teamwork by assigning various tasks to the Board members to execute on the overall vision. My involvement has been focused on chapter development and new membership. To that end, my contribution has been serving as Chapter Liaison for various chapter located in the US. I have received 3 "Chapter of the Year" awards for the NYC Chapter over the years, including this past year for the work accomplished in 2023. This year, I am very excited to have GEO be an exhibitor at my company's client conference for the equity plan business, called "Thrive". GEO representatives will have a tremendous opportunity to explain the benefits of being a GEO member to many, many of our issuer clients with the amazing opportunity to drive new membership. Additionally, I was very honored to be named a GEO Fellow this year, the organization recognizing my contributions to the industry for the many years I have been involved. I bring a tremendous amount of energy and positivity to any job or position I hold, and I would greatly appreciate your support as I seek re-election this year. Thank you so much in advance for your vote!
Specific skills
Besides high energy and enthusiasm, I bring years of equity compensation experience in the areas of marketing, events and thought leadership. I have worked with industry experts and have strong relationships in the industry to help influence decisions and create momentum . For the last 5 years I ran Global Events for my firm. I have excellent interpersonal and managerial skills, as well as being a good speaker. I am comfortable speaking with corporate executives at any level within an organization. I am a connector and an excellent networker and I just love people!
Other board positions
I am currently on the GEO NYC Leadership team and the NY/NJ NASPP chapter, I also serve on the Board of the Rutgers University NJ/NY Center for Employee Ownership. I am also the founder of the Women in Equity initiative started at my firm.

Matthew Connor

Director, Global Equity Management
Lucid Group, Inc
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
As GEO embarks on its next 25 year journey, headed by a fantastic new Executive Director, I would like to be part of that journey. I have served on the Board since 2019 as member of the Fellows Selection and Operations Committee, Speaker Selection, Issuer Lunch, Chapter Development and Future Leaders. Over the last 2 years I have served on the Executive Committee as Ad Hoc Member and most recently as Secretary. In 2018 I was honored to be induced as GEO Fellow. The first of its kind industry recognition for service and contributions to the field of equity compensation.
GEO has emerged from the post-pandemic malaise stronger and ready to become the premiere thought leader in Global Share Plans. No other organization has the the resources and talent as GEO. The release of the Global Share Ranking Survey is just the first of many initiatives that will solidify GEOs position in the market as the go to organization for all items related to share plans.

As Board member, shaping the strategic direction of GEO is exciting and challenging tasking. Partnering with the Executive Director, to chart the next chapter in GEOs evolution would be critical. We will need to look at how to enhance our membership value proposition year round. The highlight of every year is the unmatched annual conference GEO has hosted. With that as strong foundation working to expand our chapter network, increase our membership to provide year exciting and relevant content and thought leadership will be key. I would support expanded educational opportunities for our members beyond the current industry designations. GEO is uniquely poised with its global reach to provide educational forums.

I ask for your support for my candidacy to the GEO Board as I passionately believe in global share ownership as means to enhance wealth for all employees in a scheme or plan.
Specific skills
- Leadership – an experienced leader who has been part of the GEO Board in leadership roles on its Executive Committee as Ad Hoc Director and Secretary
- Organisational acumen – ability to take complex tasks and projects and provide structure and organization for successful execution
- Collaboration – I seek to build relationships, listen to all voices and work to find common ground to move forward
- Strategy – Board members must have long-term vision for the organisation with responsibility for its governance, future stability, and growth
Other board positions
I have no other external Board positions at this time

Maya Wright

Global Total Rewards Lead
Stenn Technologies
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I would like to continue as a GEO Board Member to leverage/utilize my experience and passion for global share ownership and equity programs. My goal is to foster a supportive, inclusive, and progressive environment where professionals can share knowledge, innovate solutions, and gain insights to serve them professionally.

GEO provides a unique opportunity to strengthen our community by creating opportunities for member interaction, developing and promoting innovative practices, and investing in the growth of future equity professionals. I am committed to contributing to these efforts and ensuring our organization continues to thrive.

On a more personal note, I want to support GEO/GEO Board as it continues to evolve in supporting the transforming needs of the workforce and the professionals the serve to attract and engage talent.
Specific skills
I have over 15 years' experience in Human Resources with expertise in talent engagement, retention, and rewards strategies across geographies and industries with organizations of varying sizes. This technical experience allows me to understand the unique challenges and needs of Equity and/or Rewards professionals. Along with the technical experience, I consider myself an empathetic change agent with a goal to create safe spaces for exploration, innovation, and collaboration who encourages the development of new solutions to organizational (GEO) and industry challenges. I am also solution focused which will support the GEO Board in accomplishing the great work it is charged with accomplishing.
Other board positions
I do not currently hold any other board positions.

Michelle Tomasetti

Infinite Equity
United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I'm excited about the opportunity to serve a second term on the GEO Board of Directors. During my first term, I've had the privilege of contributing to not just the overall Board but to both the Chapter Committee and the new Future Leaders Committee. This experience has given me valuable insights into the organization's operations and a deeper understanding of the issues facing the global equity community.

I remain deeply committed to GEO's mission of advancing knowledge and understanding of equity compensation. The global equity landscape is constantly evolving, and I'm eager to be part of shaping GEO's response to these emerging challenges. I believe my continued service would ensure continuity on the Board while also bringing fresh perspectives of from our Issuer clients and as a Service Provider in the industry.

My passion for GEO's mission and my dedication to its success remain strong. I'm confident that a second term would allow me to make a significant contribution to the organization's continued growth and impact.
Specific skills
As a current member of the GEO Board I understand the fiduciary duties, governance best practices, and the current strategic planning. As a Partner of Infinite Equity and a subject matter expert of global equity, I have a deep understanding of global equity practices, regulations, and trends, which allow me to see the big picture, anticipate future trends in the global equity landscape, and translate that vision into actionable strategies for GEO.
Other board positions
I am currently a member of the Global Equity O Board.

Mitan Patel

European Regional Lead
United Kingdom
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I have been passionate about employee ownership for the last 25 years that I have been in the industry! Currently the European Regional Lead of Fidelity’s Stock Plan Services division, my focus is on exploring business opportunities in key global markets, while supporting Fidelity’s equity compensation platform and business growth ambitions.
Lucky to have built up extensive experience in both broad-based and executive compensation plans on a global level, I began working in the international equity compensation industry in 2000 and have had the pleasure of working with many great people. Prior to joining Fidelity, I held senior roles at Equatex (formerly part of Swiss bank UBS), Computershare, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup. Also, I have held the ICSA certificate in Employee Share Plans since 2003, and am a proud GEO Fellow.
During my time in the equity compensation industry, I have been a keen supporter of the Global Equity Organization (GEO) in various ways. It began with my appointment as co-chair of GEO’s Provider Council for 4 years; where I focused on supporting the alignment of the needs of GEO’s provider members and the wider organisation.
In 2016 I was honoured to be elected as a member of the GEO board. Over this time I have been involved in a number of board committees, including those for Memberships, Awards and Fellows; and since the last 3 years I have been serving as part of the Finance committee, supporting the stabilisation and growth of the organisation during some of the most turbulent times we have encountered.
After all these years in the industry, I am more passionate than ever about promoting share ownership, and am a regular speaker at global industry events. Not only do I do my best to promote the values and benefits of GEO to Fidelity customers and my wider network on a regular basis, I am also very much involved with local UK and European organisations to support development of the industry; and bring these insights to my role at GEO.
I would love to continue as a GEO board member, to keep building on these strong supporting foundations within the organisation. Through my work with the Finance committee, I would love to further support the stability and growth of GEO during this current transition phase. With my GEO experience to date, I hope to help the organisation, and the new Executive Director, to navigate for growth as GEO enters a new era as a thriving 25 year old organisation.
Specific skills
Business Development & Marketing with access to leverage Fidelity resources
Commitment to sponsorship funding
Strategy and Finance support
Access to companies and leadership contacts globally to help promote GEO mission
Other board positions
It currently sit on the Advisory board for Proshare in the UK

Robert Purser

United States
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I am running for re-election to the GEO board and would be grateful for your vote. I value the opportunity to continue to serve our members and represent our community of superior stock plan professionals. The experience of working with the other board members has been extremely rewarding and I appreciate the time and support everyone has extended to me. The past year has given me the opportunity to grow and acclimate as a board member and I anticipate that I will be able to contribute more in the coming year. I currently serve on the finance committee and support the Treasurer as we continued to improve the financial rigor and reporting.
Specific skills
I am a partner in PwC's Rewards & Well-being practice. I work with a variety of clients on global equity support and compliance, accounting & tax technical matters related to compensation and general compensation services such as compensation committee advisory. I am an active certified public accountant (CPA) and started my career in financial statement audits. I specifically provide accounting, tax and financial reporting expertise as a current GEO board member. I also bring a broad range of knowledge in compensation matters and general business acumen. I am an experienced board member. I believe that I collaborate well with the other GEO board members as we provide oversight to the GEO team.
Other board positions
I am currently a member of the Global Equity Organization board. I am a member of the finance committee of the GEO board.

Vanda Kiss

Global Equity Program Manager
Why I would like to be a GEO Board Member
I am passionate about always learning more and stepping out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed GEO’s 24th Annual Conference in Edinburgh and some of the other smaller events I was able to join. Whenever I get a chance, I love to participate in new projects or present on share plan related topics. Being a GEO Board member would be a great exposure to build my network and and keep my knowledge up to date.
Specific skills
Project management, Problem solving, Critical thinking, Creativity, Team Work
Other board positions
I do not currently hold any other board positions at any organisations.


In accordance with GEO’s bylaws, voting is governed by the following rules:

  • Voters must hold a valid GEO membership on 31 May of the election year to be eligible to vote
  • The maximum number of voters from any single firm is 30 – additional votes will not be counted
  • The maximum number of votes per GEO member is six in an election period – multiple votes for a single candidate are not permitted
  • Voters will need to login to the GEO website using the link in the top menu to verify their identity and membership status and to ensure individuals submit one ballot - usernames are usually their email address