14 June 2018
GEO's 2018 N. California Forum

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Forum Agenda

This year's program will feature world-class keynote and featured presentations, as well as a line-up 6 unique breakout sessions delivered by industry experts.

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11:00 am


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Opening Remarks

12:00 pm


Keynote Presentation
Market Outlook: The Threat of Rising Protectionism in the Global Landscape
Often we focus on the day-to-day execution of our roles but recognize it is also important to take in the big picture. What are the possible outcomes from tariffs and geopolitical instability? How will various current events, tweets and more potentially affect the global stock markets and our stock plans? Join us for a perspective of the markets by UBS senior leader, Eric Weider.
   Eric Weider, AAMS ®, UBS

12:50 pm


Featured Presentation
Eight Strategies for Enhancing Your Mingling Savvy
Today more than ever, business relationships are both developed and strengthened during unstructured social settings. Even the most polished professionals, however commit social faux without realizing it. Rather than letting that happen to you, learn the eight top tips for enhancing your networking savvy. You will learn the strategies for becoming a master-mingler to include the importance of a mental agenda, body language, employing the one-to-three rule when approaching others, how to jump start a conversation, the way to unload a bore, where to stand in a room when there is no one to approach and much more! Ann Marie Sabath, Author of What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t will present this group interactive session.
   Ann Marie Sabath, At Ease Inc.

1:30 pm


Breakout Series
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4:00 pm


Featured Presentation
Billy's Dunn
An industry icon and strong contributor to the GEO community, PwC's William "Billy" Dunn is is retiring from the equity compensation world at the end of June 2018. We are pleased he's agreed to do one more speaking engagement (his last one!) at the Nor Cal Forum. He will share many lessons learned over thirty years of equity plan consulting: humorous anecdotes, successes and heartbreaking failures. He will address many important topics including:

  • How to explain to your mother (and strangers) what you do for a living
  • Tricks to dealing with dense employees and even denser executives
  • Why stock plan people are guaranteed a place in Heaven
  • Tips on deflecting hiccups to payroll
  • Methods of getting others to do your work for you
  • Ways to keep it all together when the world is crashing down on you

   Bill Dunn, PwC

4:45 pm


Closing Comments & Raffles
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5:00 pm


Networking Reception & Sponsor Expo

6:00 pm


Event Concludes

Breakout Sessions

Are Manual Processes Draining Your Productivity?
One of the single most beneficial things you can do for your department is to create efficiencies for common processes. Think about the manual processes you do every day and for every reoccurring project. From creating year-to-date tax imports to managing more complex projects like payroll contributions for a global ESPP program to identifying mobile transactions for flagging for securing tax settlement/payroll reporting and withholding, these tasks take time and are prone to human error. Think before you repeat—if you are doing the same things over and over, stop and ask yourself if it could be a good process or project to automate. If manual processes are draining your productivity, this session will is for you. Learn how to free up time, talent and money.
Download the Presentation
   Leann Balbona, KPMG LLP
   Jessica Laddon, Computershare
   Robyn Shutak, Computershare
   Susan Szotek, The Gap, Inc.

Equity Administration—Operational Effectiveness
The teams that support company equity processes are increasingly being asked to do more with less resources. These demands put extraordinary pressure on all of the teams, including stock administration, legal, finance, human resources IT, payroll, and even the equity vendors. Hear about some different approaches from issuers and consultants that have helped improve operational efficiency and reduced stress. Learn about how companies are increasingly utilizing data visualization and advanced analytics tools to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of their equity programs. This includes leveraging tools like Tableau that can take the information from baseline spreadsheets and turn them into effect operational dashboards. Listen to the panelists discuss various examples of areas where they achieve operational efficiencies and the approach/ tools they use to address and monitor them. The team will discuss their approaches to using tools in their respective roles, share challenges they faced, insights gained, and some plans going forward. Expect to see some examples and ideas that you can leverage at your own companies. The goal will be to highlight a range of approaches and analytics in practice throughout the presentation, from insightful graphics in spreadsheets to the use of data visualization tools that are trending in the industry today.
   Matthew McKittrick, Moss Adams
   Scott Sander, Amazon.com, Inc.

Shifting Pay Trends and Disclosure Standards—Key Themes and Trends from the 2018 AGM Season
The 2018 AGM season is coming to a close now, and few trends have emerged. We saw the largest CEO pay raises a decade pushed by equity awards and annual incentives, and CD&A disclosure evolved in sophistication. In this session, panelists will provide an overview of key observations from the 2018 AGM season, how compensation mix is shifting and how some companies experimented with unusual pay design, and discuss emerging best practices and implications for the 2019 season.
   Alice Chung, PayPal
   Jun Frank, Institutional Shareholder Services
   Spencer Gibson, Aon plc

Starbucks Coffee Company Spills the Beans
Starbucks Coffee Company spills the beans during an enlightening conversation with their partner, Fidelity Stock Plan Services, on the most effective ways to educate and engage plan participants located throughout the world. No caffeine is needed for this highly energized presentation sharing best practices, demos, and Starbucks’ own video series which recently won the 2018 GEO Award for Best Use of Video Communication. Whether your participant base is big or small, Gen X or Gen Y, broad based or executive, you are sure to come away with communication plans percolating.
Watch the Starbucks Videos
   Emily Cervino, Fidelity Investments
   Billy Vitense, Starbucks Coffee Company

The Dawn of the New EU Data Privacy Rules
The General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) went into effect May 2018 - were you ready? GDPR introduces stricter requirements and higher penalties for violations, so it is important for companies to review their data privacy compliance not just with respect to customers but with respect to employees. Specifically, companies need to review the basis on which they are processing and transferring personal data of employees within the company group and to outside providers. Historically, many companies have relied on consent as the basis for collecting, processing and transferring personal data for an employee participating in a global share plan. Companies are (or should be) re-evaluating whether this approach is still viable under GDPR.

Our panelists will review the new legal landscape under GDPR, discuss the different approaches for dealing with personal data after effectiveness of GDPR and consider the pros and cons of each approach.

  • High-level summary of new rules in the EU under GDPR
  • Data privacy issues that arise for companies with a global workforce
  • Overview of different approaches to data privacy compliance when offering equity awards under a parent company share plan to employees in the EU
  • Practical strategies for complying with GDPR in the employment / equity context

   Barbara Klementz, Baker McKenzie LLP
   Nicole Sloane, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
   Maria Weydemuller, Electronic Arts

Times: They are a Changing—SBC Accounting, Audit & Tax Update
Our panel of industry stock-based compensation experts will update you on accounting & tax guidance changes and share with you some of their best practice tips when it comes to i) FASB and IFRS updates, ii) tax accounting update based on tax reform, iii) validation of DTA reporting and forecasting, iv) auditors areas of focus, and v) update on non-employee accounting. This session will help you prepare and implement the new guidance changes and design a game plan for when your auditors are on the way. The panel will share their insights on how best to survive these changing times.
   Dustin Mersy, Qualcomm, Inc.
   Robert Purser, PwC




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Thursday, 14 June 2018

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