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GEO's 2019 Australia Regional Events | Melbourne 26 September 2019

GEO's 2019 Australia Regional Events

Melbourne 26 September 2019


Event Venue

HWL Ebsworth
Level 26
530 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000



This unique event brings forward-thinking equity and executive compensation discussions to an intimate gathering of innovators, issuers, suppliers and thought leaders.

Event Schedule (Subject to change)

26 September 2019
8:30am Registration and Networking Breakfast
8:40am Opening Remarks
9:20am Session I - Tax Talks: Employee Share Scheme Taxation in Corporate Transactions (Tax)

Corporate transactions such as takeovers, divestments, demergers and rights issues raise a number of questions for companies with employee share schemes. Join us as we focus on the Australian tax consequences of corporate transactions by referencing real life case studies, including Shell's recent divestment and acquisitions. Tax issues to consider include the application (and use) of the indeterminate rights rule, problems caused by technical cessation of employment events, the application of the roll-over provisions, common mechanisms to adjust equity awards and dealing with employee share trusts to ensure they continue to meet the sole activities test. Don’t miss this fascinating look at corporate transactions and take away a few valuable lessons you just might need in the future!

Shaun Cartoon, FGE, HWL Ebsworth
Jane Croker, Shell Australia Pty Ltd

10:00am Session II - One Size Doesn't Fit All Anymore - Targeting Communications to Increase Effectiveness (Communication)

Personalised, data-driven communications directed at different target audiences using a mix of tools and channels has become standard practice for superannuation member communications, but is rarely done with employee share plans. While there are many reasons for not differentiating share plans communications, there are some distinct lessons we can learn from this practice that can be effectively applied to share plans. This unique session will examine targeted super fund campaigns from strategy to delivery and cover key components for any communication plan such as: the business case for segmentation and why to do it, how to segment/target based on your desired employee experience, identifying key segments based on data and other key attributes and setting objectives and success metrics by segment. To wrap up, the session will explore how a personalised, data driven approach might be applied to share plan communications and the benefits, drivers, and barriers. Come join us for a fresh look at how to communicate share plans to increase participant take up, engagement and understanding.

Sue Benefield, DuluxGroup
Chris Dvoracek, Transform
Aisha Radebe, BlueScope Steel Limited

10:20am Networking Break
11:00am Session III - Riding the Big Data Wave: Using Data and Analysis to Get More from Your Global Share Plans (Design)

Technological advances and the study of big data has popped up in almost all industries, dominated by efforts to increase efficiency, streamline processes, and better understand outcomes. Join this panel of experts to see how data and analysis can transform your global equity plans too! Learn about the current landscape of long-term incentive plans and the evolution of the designs seen today, and hear what LTI designs are effective for shareholders and which are more effective for employees, while also taking a look if anything exists in the middle. With a crash course in data analytics, attendees will experience a variety of topics, including a comparison between cash and equity and an analysis of “cost” versus “value’” over many types of equity awards, from stock options to performance awards. At the end of this session, you will be armed with ideas and statistics to help you get more out of your global plans.

Kate Hall, Aon
Michael Turner, Aon

11:40am Session IV - Overcoming Share Plan Challenges in Australia and Abroad (Legal/Regulatory)

In the fast-paced world of equity compensation, there are always new challenges to overcome, both at home and abroad when offering equity globally. At the same time, it’s essential not to lose track of day-to-day tax and regulatory compliance, as it evolves over time. Join this panel of experts as they discuss how to handle the top issues faced by multinational equity plan sponsors in today’s market, including their recommendations for maintaining sound plan governance structures amid ever-increasing scrutiny from regulators and shareholders. Key learning points will also include the impact of gender pay reporting and pay equity requirements, how to understand Data Privacy Compliance better, and how to mitigate risk more effectively by managing the ever-evolving multi-jurisdictional tax and regulatory compliance. As a bonus, attendees to this not-to-be missed discussion will walk away with recommendations for effective (and compliant) award communications in a world where nobody wants to read!

Sinead Kelly, Baker McKenzie
Erica Kidston, Baker McKenzie
Keshwan Nair, Boardroom Pty Limited

11:50am Transition Break
12:30pm Session V - In Pursuit of Communication’s Grail: Perceived Value (Communication)

Can we impact our participants’ perceived value of their employee equity awards? This session will tackle this challenging question by taking a deeper look into share plan communications’ truths and fallacies and how they may affect an employee’s perception of the value they receive for their awards. Can an ownership culture be taken too far? We’ll look at the data and the utilization of new technology, and even dabble in participant psychology, to provide you with tips on framing communication messages so you get the most bang for your equity compensation dollar. Join us for this interactive session on communication and learn how improving your employees’ perception of your plans can directly impact your plan’s ROI.

John Hammond, Aon
Sally Mulligan, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley

1:20pm Networking Break and Lunch
2:00pm Session VI - Sharing Today to Build for the Future: the AMP Story (Design)

AMP, a wealth management company with more than 3.5 million customers in Australia and New Zealand, approximately 740,000 shareholders and around 7,500 employees worldwide, was founded 170 years ago on a simple yet bold idea; that everyone should be empowered to own their own tomorrow. Not having offered an all-employee share plan in over 15 years, AMP decided to launch not one, but two plans in 2019. Facing significant challenges to its operations, new market pressures, financial challenges and significant turnover in its C-Suite management including the loss of the CEO, Chairman, and three directors, AMP saw the opportunity to launch the plans to coincide with significant changes in its business. The introduction of these two new share plans was designed to demonstrate that share ownership in the organisation could support employee engagement, and better align employees to the new strategy and change employee mindset. Join this panel for an interesting inside look into the background behind AMP’s strategic considerations as they decided to make the offer to employees during this challenging time, as well as learn the details of rollout of the plans and their communication to employees. Come hear how this well-established firm dramatically changed its ownership culture from nothing to having robust global share plans for their employees all over the world!

Marc Bosotti, PwC
Nina Mlinarevic, AMP
Matthew Reed, Computershare

2:40pm Session VII - Culture Amp – Trials, Tribulations & Take-Aways (Program Management)

Culture Amp is an unlisted Australian tech start-up with 400 employees across USA, UK, Ireland and Australia. Join Culture Amp’s General Counsel and VP of Finance as we explore the trials and tribulations of setting up an ESOP across multiple locations such as USA, UK Ireland and Australia; from tax and regulatory constraints, dealing with conflicting legal advice and key staff communications and resourcing. Culture Amp will share their experiences and learnings for companies when setting up, changing or maintaining their ESOP over multiple jurisdictions.

Joseph Girgis, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley
Jay Orsborn, Culture Amp
Sarah Tinsley, Culture Amp

3:00pm Closing Comments

Hotel Accommodations

Participants are responsible for organizing their own accommodation and travel to and from the conference, along with any other related charges.