GEO's 23rd Annual Conference
Chicago 27-29 April 2022

Call for Speaker Proposals

Thank you for your interest in speaking at GEO's 2022 Annual Conference to be held 27-29 April. The submissions window closed on 05 January 2022. If you have questions regarding your submission or speaking opportunities for this year’s event, please contact us at


During the submission window, GEO accepted proposals for both in-person (23rd Annual Conference in Chicago, confirmed, 27-29 April) and virtual (May 2022, dates to be announced) events during the RFP. GEO will ensure a follow-up on all speakers’ ability to travel and preferred presentation method (in-person, virtual, or either) at the time of acceptance.

About GEO’s Annual Conference

GEO's Annual Conference is one of the industry's best, and most anticipated, annual events. It addresses the most pressing issues in global equity and executive compensation today and is an exclusive learning and networking opportunity for strategic-minded attendees who are knowledgeable about global employee share plans, executive compensation and related areas and are interested in topics that address current issues vital to the global application of share plans in all its core disciplines.

The health and safety of our members is of paramount importance as we plan to bring our members back together for the first in-person gathering in two years. Current international, national, and local regulations will dictate our safety protocols, and at this time, attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID tests to participate. Further information on these requirements will be communicated as the legal requirements evolve.

Attendees expect high-level program content that provides timely and relevant updates, including changes to existing laws and legal precedents, explanations of new laws and regulations, as well as tips and practical tools that can be implemented immediately. GEO's Annual Conference aims to provide both new and innovative solutions for strategic and operational challenges and ideas on how to lead organizations forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

To complete your proposal, please consult the following list before starting the process. If you begin the process with all the information below at hand, it should take a maximum of 10-15 minutes to complete your submission. Before you start, please ensure you have the following information:

  • SPEAKER INFORMATION - Please make sure you have name, company, title, address, phone number and correct email address, for each of your speakers. Please ensure you finalize your presentation's speakers before completing the proposal process. Proposals that include speakers which are "to be determined" will be considered only once the speakers are identified. For example, if your panel includes two providers and two issuers, all four speakers must be named to receive credit for these panelists in the process.
  • SPEAKER BIOGRAPHIES - For each speaker on the proposal, you must provide their biographical information. This information is critical to the evaluation of the proposed presentation. Proposals without speaker biographies will not receive equivalent consideration as those that have them included.
  • SESSION TITLE, DESCRIPTION AND THREE TALKING POINTS - These sections are the most important part of your presentation proposal. Session titles should be innovative, catchy and descriptive. Session descriptions should contain a minimum of 6-8 sentences and must thoroughly discuss your presentation. Please include three talking points to supplement your description. The more information included in this section, the better the chances are that your proposal will be selected.
  • MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION - Information required includes session type, audience level, countries covered and information on where the presentation might have been presented in the past. In this section, please also indicate if you would be interested in presenting your topic as either a webcast or at a local GEO chapter meeting and include your consent to allow us to distribute your proposal and related contact information to the relevant parties for further consideration. If you indicate you are interested, you may be contacted at a later date for one of these purposes.

GEO's Annual Conference will focus on topics relevant to both public and private companies providing share plans to their employees located across the globe. Our multi-track approach will provide attendees a choice of sessions that address issues relevant to their role including strategic issues, administration considerations, and regulatory, tax and compliance matters related to global share plans.

To ensure GEO's Annual Conference is an EXPERIENCE attendees won't forget, we need sessions that contemplate the following:

  • Issuer involvement across various regions, such as EMEA and AsiaPac
  • Previous GEO Award winner case studies
  • Uniqueness of presentation
  • Examples and case studies of real success (and successful failures!)
  • Relevant content for an experienced audience that stretches thinking and provides new approaches
  • Practical tools that can be applied immediately in their organizations
  • Content which is delivered in an engaging way and draws on the experience of the attendees
  • Audience participation - application exercises that involve the participants (at least three audience engagement questions to satisfy continuing education credit requirements)

Please note that "sales pitches" of any kind will not be considered; it is not appropriate for service providers to use a GEO conference presentation as an opportunity to openly promote their firm’s services. All presentations must be educational in nature and include at least three audience engagement questions to satisfy continuing education credit requirements.

The audience at GEO's Annual Conference tends to be both sophisticated and generally knowledgeable about global employee share plans. In recent years, the 'typical' issuer attendee works in equity plan administration, program design, or compliance for their organizations, with most holding senior manager/director (or higher) positions.

GEO is interested in issues and subjects that are relevant and timely for our audiences. When choosing your subject matter, consider the following topics of particular interest to us for presentation at our Annual Conference:

  • Updates on global share plan hot topics and recent developments, including country-specific changes
  • Recent trends in equity and executive compensation around the world
  • Hot topics in global mobility management and administration, remote work, crypto currency, ESG and D&I
  • Global application of performance-based equity
  • Best practices and case studies related to global share plans, including recent GEO Award winners
  • Noteworthy teamwork with a service provider showcasing a novel approach and solution to a long-running issue
  • Communication best practices and innovative approaches to participant education
  • Strategic plan design such as the use of alternative instruments, for example
  • Global stock purchase plans practices
  • Issues related to global private company equity awards, IPO, SPACs, and M&A challenges
  • Research on executive and equity compensation
  • The use of data analytics to drive more efficient and effective stock programs
  • Stakeholder reporting challenges and solutions
  • Managing data privacy regulations
  • Innovative and leading plan design
  • Non-core topics, such as project management, economic updates, among others

Selected presentations are not limited to the above topics. Presentations that address the strategic application of equity and executive compensation in the above areas will be given priority in the selection process.

All presentation proposals for GEO’s Annual Conference must be submitted via our online tool.

There is no limit to the number of proposals you or your company may submit. We are taking proposals for both the in-person and virtual events and encourage everyone to submit whether or not the ability to travel is known at this time. GEO will ensure a follow-up on ability to travel and preferred method of presenting (virtual, in-person, or either) at the time of acceptance. A wide variety of submissions are needed to ensure GEO delivers industry leading education, so creative and innovative topics and presentation methodologies are appreciated. Please remember, complete and comprehensive proposals are required for consideration and incomplete submissions will not be evaluated. One or two quality submissions, e.g., two confirmed issuer speakers and two provider speakers, have far greater weight than multiple incomplete submissions.

All proposals are carefully considered by GEO's Speaker Selection Committee, comprised of select members of GEO's Board of Directors. Committee members evaluate proposals individually before meeting as a committee to make the final selections as a group.

Once final decisions are made, GEO will notify everyone who submitted a proposal of the outcome.

If your proposal is accepted:

  • You will be notified of your acceptance status. Note that you will have a limited amount of time to notify GEO of any issues relating to the date and time of your presentation. While we will make every attempt to accommodate varying schedules, the final decision regarding conference scheduling rests with GEO.
  • Speakers are expected to follow all deadlines and standards set in place by GEO. All speaker leads will be required to participate in an orientation call outlining program specifics, and various other important items.
  • If you or any members of your presentation team are not registered members of GEO, you must join and pay any appropriate membership fee within 30 days of notification of your acceptance. For information on our different categories of membership, please visit our GEO Membership pages.
  • You will be required to register for the Conference and, depending on your member category, pay any appropriate registration fees within the timeline communicated or your session will be declined. (NOTE: All provider speakers must pay full conference registration to participate.)

GEO reserves the right to retract any offer to present that does not comply with the registration requirements outlined above.

If your proposal is not accepted:

  • You may be offered an opportunity to present at a local chapter event, or to convert your presentation proposal into a GEO webcast or article for future publication.

All speakers must be 'paid-in-full' members of the Global Equity Organization. Speakers from issuer firms are able to attend the Conference at no charge. As a not-for-profit organization and in recognition of the business development opportunities inherent in speaking, GEO is unable to extend that courtesy to representatives from provider firms as well.

We appreciate your interest in presenting at GEO's Annual Conference. If you have questions, please contact us.