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Senior Leaders Roundtable

Wednesday, 20 April 2016
7:30am — 3:30pm

GEO's 2016 Senior Leaders Roundtable is an exclusive invitation-only program designed to meet the unique high-level training needs of today’s senior-level human resources, executive compensation and equity compensation professionals. This unique program provides the setting to have dynamic dialogue regarding global issues with peers from around the world and provides attendees an up-to-the-moment look at topics relevant to the senior leader from leading academics and industry professionals. Registration is limited to senior-level issuer attendees by invitation only.

The Senior Leaders Roundtable takes place concurrently with GEO’s 17th Annual Conference and includes:

  • Targeted training and invaluable peer networking to qualified senior-level professionals.
  • Discussion on the challenges of designing and implementing global pay strategies in an increasingly complex, uncertain environment.
  • Reduced price for attendees of GEO’s 17th Annual Conference.
  • An afternoon of facilitated learning on best practices and dedicated time for Q&A with the presenters.
  • Advanced-level interactive sessions designed primarily by leading academia just for participants.

Interested participants must be Director and above.


GEO 2016 Annual International Conference

Roundtable Registration

Conference Attendees
Separate registration is required for attendees of GEO's 17th Annual Conference in Boston. Invited issuers who are also attending the 17th Annual Conference may register for this event for $179 per attendee for the six-hour program.
Roundtable Only
Registration is open to attendees who are not registered for GEO's 17th Annual Conference in Boston. Invited issuers who are members of GEO may register for this event for $425 and invited issuer non-members may register for this event for $720.

Senior Leaders Roundtable Schedule (Subject to change)

Wednesday, 20 April 2016



Arrival / Check-in and Breakfast (available from 7:30 throughout first session)



Welcome / Opening



Session I - Current Topics in Executive Leadership from Harvard Business School

How can corporate leaders set the tone at the top in an increasingly complex and fast-moving world? What are the key roles leaders need to play if they are to unleash talent and enable their organizations to truly create value? Through a vigorous discussion of a brief case-study, we will examine some enduring challenges of leadership and some contemporary ways of meeting those challenges.

Presenter: Joshua Margolis, Harvard Business School



Session II - The Effect of Equity-Based Compensation on Employee Engagement, Employee Performance and Organizational Performance – The Siemens Study

Siemens AG together with the University of Göttingen recently conducted the first ever multi-dimensional empirical study on the effects of a globally implemented equity-based compensation scheme for employees. Three very specific research questions were at the center of this empirically based project:

  • Does equity-based compensation have a positive influence on employee motivation?
  • Does equity-based compensation have a positive influence on individual employee performance?
  • Does equity-based compensation have a positive influence on organizational performance?

This session will provide answers to these questions and present other important findings from this remarkable study.

Co-Presenters: Carolin Ahrens, University of Gottingen; Mark Muntermann, Siemens



Session III - Putting a New Face on Board and Comp Committee Communications

Effective compensation committee and board communications regarding your global equity program is critical. The power is in the preparation. To ensure comp committee meetings are successful and effective, and that you’re adding the maximum value to the process, mix and match the best of your compensation consultants, equity plan providers, and internal resources. With new tools, techniques and years of practical experience, this session will help you refine your compensation committee communications.

Co-Presenters: Emily Cervino, Fidelity Stock Plan Services; Thomas Paleka, Arthur J. Gallagher; Marshall Wilkerson, General Dynamics



Break and Networking



Session IV - Rethinking the Boundaries—Innovations in Leading Indicators of Organizational Performance

This presentation is about how recent innovations in academic research – on topics such as executive compensation, audit fees, and corporate culture – have yielded several data sources and methods for generating leading indicators of organizational outcomes. In particular, the presenter will discuss leading indicator implications of data sources such as social media preferences; the mandatory expanded disclosure of executive compensation details; the voice recording, written language and speaking style of executives; and the variation in the level of an organization’s audit fees not explained by observable economic factors.

Presenter: Shane Dikolli, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business



Session V - Advanced Analytics and Testing for Effects of Equity Plans

This session will provide an overview of the challenges associated with performance monitoring and reporting, highlighting situations that are more or less amenable to analysis. It will cover performance effect testing basics, including data requirements, the importance of considering selection effects, and control of other factors that influence equity compensation and performance. Case studies will be used to demonstrate the creative approaches of successful companies.

Presenter: Marshall Vance, USC Marshall School of Business



Break and Gather Lunch



Lunch and Facilitated Best Practices Dialogue



GEO’s 17th Annual Conference Opening Comments and Opening Keynote with Dan Schwabel



Q&A with Leading Academics (session open to Senior Leaders attendees and general GEO audience)