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Thank You GEO Chapter Leaders!

1 March 2022


Dear GEO Chapter Leaders,

As an organization, GEO sincerely appreciates your efforts in leading Chapter events in your country and the local community. Through unprecedented times, your will to connect virtually and bring GEO members together around the world has truly been remarkable. Your continued commitment and tenacity to keep our chapters and members connected is vital to the GEO community. On behalf of the GEO Board and the greater GEO community, thank you for your leadership and support of our community.

Please continue to share ideas with each other via GEO Connect/Chapter Coordinator area of the GEO website. Some great examples included:

  • GEO's California chapters collaborated regularly for Coffee Klatches where members grabbed a coffee and spoke about topics top of mind and successfully executed a multi-day virtual event
  • Swiss Romandie planned an in-person and virtual event complete with cameras and a social gathering within allowed limits
  • UK met together on a weekly basis when the pandemic first hit and then monthly to keep members connected
  • NY, Boston, and all three Texas locations combined events to bring regional or in-state communities together.
  • And many more!

Looking back at the past several years, we are proud to say we successfully worked together to keep the GEO mission in the forefront and center of our communities while keeping our members engaged. We could not have done it without YOU!

As locations around the globe resume in-person meetings and events, we are looking forward to seeing our Chapters plan their first in-person meetings, and in fact, in some locations this has already begun. We also hope you will make plans to meet with your Chapters when the time is right and to also come together with the GEO community at GEO's 23rd Annual Conference in Chicago, 27-29 April.

Thank you for what you have done during these difficult times for GEO. Hope to see you in person soon!


Danyle Anderson,
Executive Director

GEO's 2022 Board Liaisons

ASPAC and Middle East Board Liaison
Melbourne, Sydney
Danyle Anderson
Hannah Needle
Greater China Danyle Anderson
Adie Leung
Israel Danyle Anderson
Americas Board Liaison
Canada -
Eastern Canada
June Davenport
Hannah Needle
Zoe Denny-Thomas
Boston Maria Robins
Karen Needham*
Silicon Valley
San Francisco
East Bay
Leann Balbona
Tara Hagen*
Midwest Maria Robins
New York Maria Robins
Julie Vander Veen
Texas -
Austin, Dallas,
Leann Balbona
Florida Julie Vander Veen
Pam Stetson

*Non board member of CDC.