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14 November 2017
London, United Kingdom

1d. Unconscious Bias: Fighting the Hidden Team Killer in Global Companies

The global workplace continues to evolve, and so does the way that Inclusion & Diversity plays out within global organizations. The discussion on diversity becomes even more complex when working in a global context. Unconscious bias can have different faces depending on where you are in the world. So, how do we navigate and successfully address unconscious bias with such global complexity? During this session, we will explore the concept of unconscious bias, demonstrate how it appears in different geographies and give participants a framework for addressing bias in a global work environment. Learn the four types of unconscious bias, what forms these biases can take in different cultures and regions and practical new frameworks and methods for countering bias with inclusive leadership in this new learning experience.
Simone-Eva Redrupp, Aperian Global (FR)