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14 November 2017
London, United Kingdom

2b. Getting People to Say “yes” to Share Plans

Communicating about share plans is never easy, but all-employee purchase plans face many challenges that discretionary plans do not, such as the need for companies to market their programs effectively so that employees want to invest in the company’s shares and ensure that people are sufficiently motivated to follow the process and sign up. This panel of experts will share tips that work for most companies and will present case studies from three powerhouse companies around the strategies that work for their populations. From tailoring communications based on generational differences to improve the participation rate for millennials to focusing communications on the culture of a company, attendees will receive actionable tips and walk away with a clear understanding of best practices in this share purchase plan communications quagmire.
Robert Head, Neo Reward Limited (UK)
Senay Merkel, SAP SE (DE)
Elena Petrou, Aviva (UK)
Louise Sutton, Unilever (UK)