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14 November 2017
London, United Kingdom

3b. The Essential Toolbox for the DIY Communicator

Are you just a little jealous when you hear a colleague talk about some of the tech tools and sites they use for communicating with employees? Between mail tools, survey tools, picture-laden PowerPoints and PowerPoint alternatives, Webinar recordings, and more, some people seem to have all the cool tools and you don’t know where to begin. In this session, we’ll go over the essentials of the DIYer toolbox, starting with the basics anyone can do and moving to more advanced technical offerings. If you are wondering about editing out ‘ums’ from a presentation, what are the coolest free picture Websites and what is it with all these chimps and monkeys, this session is for you.
Kelley Garrett, Amazon (US)
Sian Halcrow, New Bridge Street (UK)