GEO’s Academic & Government Council is pleased to present
Conducting Share Plan Research in Compliance with the
European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Designed to help companies of all types and sizes understand GDPR and its impact on academic research, this white paper, specially prepared for GEO members, details the important considerations a company must examine when contemplating a share plan research project. More importantly, this white paper is designed to encourage companies to consider the involvement of academia in the process of substantiating the value and/or return on investment of a company’s global share plans to senior management, boards of directors and other decision makers and to ensure those involved that GDPR should not be considered a stumbling block in this process.

A special thanks goes to Dr. Bill Castellano of Rutgers University, Don-Tobias Jol and Wouter Seinen of Baker McKenzie and Margaret Loughlin of Fidelity Investments for their assistance in this project.

The project team is happy to answer questions on the topic, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the team, or the Global Equity Organization directly at



GDPR and Share Plan Research:
Video Summary of GEO’s Academic & Government Council GDPR White Paper Project