GEO FellowsAbout GEO Fellows

GEO Fellows status is bestowed upon distinguished senior-level members of the global equity and executive compensation industry who demonstrate leadership, integrity, involvement and contributions to the global equity profession.

Those appointed as a ‘Fellow of Global Equity’ (‘FGE’) have shown thought leadership and a high level of commitment to improve global employee share ownership as well as the broader profession throughout their careers.

Who should apply?

For further information on how to apply to become a Fellow of Global Equity and member of an elite group of professionals recognized for their high level of experience, knowledge and ability, and for their positive impact on the global share ownership community , please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.


GEO Fellows ProgramGoals

GEO Fellows will:

  • Acknowledge industry leaders;
  • Highlight the best in the field to those inside and outside of the profession;
  • Ensure that thought leaders have a continuing role in the profession;
  • Provide a platform for individuals to continue to serve and participate in GEO;
  • Bring together senior professionals as a resource for continued promotion and development of the profession through a variety of activities;
  • Provide select opportunities for Fellows-only events.



Global Equity Fellows may access exclusive benefits as part of the GEO Fellows Program, including:

  • Use of ‘FGE’ (‘Fellow Global Equity’) after the appointed person’s name, for example ‘Jane Doe, FGE’.
  • Direct access to Fellows-only events at GEO conferences and events.
  • Invitations to Fellows-only regional and local networking events.
  • Preferential rates for GEO’s Annual Conference and regional events.
  • Lifetime membership to GEO, post-retirement from the industry.
  • Lifetime recognition as a Fellow of Global Equity*.

* Subject to continued compliance with Fellows standards.

Becoming a Global Equity Fellow

GEO Fellows ProgramEligibility and Evaluation

All individuals who meet the Fellows nomination criteria are eligible for consideration for Fellows status.

Nominations will be considered taking into account the following:

  • Personal performance as a global equity and/or executive compensation professional;
  • Period of time and level of involvement within the equity compensation community;
  • Leadership in the community and among peers;
  • Integrity, ethics and respect for others and the profession;
  • Innovation and advancement of and within the profession.



  • Self-nomination - Applicants for the GEO Fellows Program must self-nominate.
  • Application window - The application window is open each year as announced via the GEO website.
  • Application content - Only complete applications submitted before the due date will be considered. Once submitted, an application cannot be changed.


Application Process

To be considered, please submit the following information via the online Fellows Application:

  • Personal statement - A statement about why you consider yourself to uphold the values of a Global Equity Fellow (2,500 character maximum, approximately 500 words);
  • CV/resume - Your CV/resume or a capture of your LinkedIn page;
  • Current job description - Details of your current job description in writing, with information about your direct/indirect reporting structure;
  • Published details - Details of any published articles and/or research;
  • Supporting information - Any other testimonials, ONE letter of recommendation, although a minimum of TWO letters are encouraged, and any other documents that you feel would benefit your Fellows application.

Your letter(s) of recommendation ideally should:

  • Be addressed from senior colleague(s) within your current company, service providers or related companies, and/or senior-level Global Equity professionals who currently serve or have previously served on the GEO Board.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to global equity, not just in the context of your job role, but also your contribution to the broader profession.


Fellows Program Costs

  • Annual fee - Active Global Equity Fellows will be charged US$395/year to maintain their Fellow status. The annual fee is subject to change by the Global Equity Organization.
  • Lifetime fee - A Fellow can elect to pay a one-time fee of US$3,500 for a lifetime membership.
  • GEO Membership - Fellows must maintain an active GEO membership for the duration they are a Fellow, unless in retirement status.
  • Retirement waiver - Fellows who are fully retired from the profession can apply to have their fee waived.


GEO Fellows ProgramThe GEO Fellows Selection Committee is comprised of members of the GEO Board of Directors and active Fellows.

  • The Selection Committee will meet to review applications and make the selections for the current year’s Fellows. The selections are final and binding and at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Nominees may apply in future years if they are not selected.
  • Selected Fellows will receive written confirmation as soon as possible following the conclusion of the selection process. Dues and GEO membership must be paid by the specified due date.
  • Failure to make timely payment of Fellows dues and GEO membership will result in suspension and the inability to use the Fellow designation in any manner (i.e. CV/resume, LinkedIn, etc.). Fellows who remain in suspended status for more than 120 days will be disqualified and will need to re-apply.
  • Active Fellows will be listed on the GEO website.

GEO Fellows ProgramAn Introduction to GEO

About GEO

The Global Equity Organization (GEO) was founded in 1999 to support corporate executives and equity compensation professionals dealing with the challenges of creating, managing and administering employee share plans large and small, national and global. GEO represents a community of nearly 5,000 individuals representing companies and professional firms in more than 60 countries around the world.

GEO’s mission is to provide a forum for an open exchange between members, regardless of location, position or affiliation, of the latest information as to the strategic, financial, cultural, legal, tax, communication and administrative issues involving the use of equity-based employee compensation in the global community, from the fundamentals to the latest market intelligence.

GEO members include decision-makers and influencers from all areas of the global equity compensation community:

  • Issuing Companies - Corporate executives, managers, administrators and team members from a wide range of business sectors. Professionals from organizations including publicly-traded, private, pre-IPO, LLC and partnership equity structures.
  • Service Providers - Providers of stock plan services including attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, brokers, administrators and consultants.
  • Academic & Government Representatives - Academic institutions, government bodies, and non-governmental agencies.

GEO offers its members a range of exclusive tools and services, designed to advance their company and their careers, including:

  • An unrivalled events program - Industry-leading educational & networking opportunities typically attended by over 2,000 individuals from 25+ countries annually. GEO provides its members with a number of efficient in-person and virtual networking opportunities throughout the year:
    — Local chapter meetings;
    — Regional events;
    — An Annual Conference;
    — A global membership directory for online networking;
    — Dedicated public and private social media networks to promote community discussion.
  • A thriving membership base - A peer network with endless opportunities and access to a global community of c. 5,000 individuals from 60+ countries.
  • Resources that work for you - The information generated and shared by GEO members is available across multiple channels, including:
    — Webcasts;
    — Weekly e-newsletters;
    — Exclusive access to the GEO website, including secure member-only sections offering relevant industry content updated frequently;
    — A job bank for equity compensation professionals;
    — A private online community allowing members access to GEO colleagues around the world 24/7;
    — An exclusive mentor/mentee matching program facilitating connections between GEO members for technical and career development exchanges.
  • Regardless of where you are, GEO puts the world of global equity and executive compensation at your fingertips.

Further Information

For additional information on the GEO Fellows Program, please contact GEO's Executive Director, Danyle Anderson.


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