The history of GEO

GEO was founded in 1999 by a core group of 35 professionals who were looking for an opportunity to connect to and learn from stock plan professionals around the world. Starting with a planning meeting in March, 1999 the founding members set to raise $250,000 in seed money from various organizations to found the new organization. These Founding Corporate Sponsors allowed GEO to hire a paid Executive Director, build a website and plan an Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.

From the first discussions, it was decided that the organization would be a non-profit organization, allowing all membership dues and sponsorships to support and re-invest in the members. The organization is governed by an elected Board of Directors representing various components of the member community and ensuring a geographic representation. With a paid staff and a Board of industry leaders, GEO is always focused to bring up-to-date, impartial information to all members using various media.

The first 20 years have shown tremendous growth and increased benefits. We look forward to building an even better organization in the next 20 years.