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GEO's Global Share Plan Basics Bootcamp

Bootcamp 2022 - Two Hours of Booster Sessions Each Day

3, 5, 10 and 12 May 2022

A Practical Introduction to Global Share Plans
GEO's Global Share Plan Basics Bootcamp provides a practical introduction to global share plans. Specifically designed for emerging practitioners, this program brings together experts from accounting, tax, legal, and administrative disciplines to partner with Issuer colleagues and present you with a globally-focused starter pack of core concepts and real-life case studies. Areas covered in this lineup include introductions to securities law and compliance, taxation, mobility, accounting and reporting, and executive compensation. Also integrated into the program is a pragmatic overview of global share plan communications, understanding employee perspectives, administrator challenges and dealing with risk areas such as data privacy and data security. The program wraps up with a hands-on Microsoft Excel session covering some of the most frequently utilized functions by share plan professionals.


Issuer Advisory Council Events

Annual Conference Issuer Focus Group

08 June 2021 11:00am - 12:00pm ET
08 June 2021 7:00pm - 8:00pm ET

As we prepare for GEOvirtual2021, GEO's 22nd Annual Conference, scheduled for 14 September - 07 October, we are excited to deliver an event that not only meets your needs, but exceeds your expectations.

We Want To Hear From You!

Join us at one of two sessions on 8 June, at 11:00 am ET and 7:00 pm ET, for a unique opportunity to directly influence your GEO conference experience. Our Annual Conference Focus Group will dialogue and brainstorm with GEO to ensure our event delivers the best of the best—the best networking, the best collaboration, and the best engagement experience we can possibly offer.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your voice heard and make a difference for all GEO members!

Interested in joining? Please drop us a line at with your contact information and the time slot you prefer. We look forward to hearing from you!




The Future of Work: SPPs AND Mobility Tracking Amidst COVID-19 Issuer-Only Roundtable

21 April 2021
12:30pm - 2:00pm ET

Following the overwhelming success of our first Issuer Roundtable discussion, we are excited to bring you the second installment in the Future of Work series!

Attendees to GEO’s second Issuer-Only Roundtable event will address the top TWO requested topics from GEO issuer members today: 1) The impact of the current environment on global Stock Purchase Plans (SPPs) AND 2) The challenges of mobility tracking for share plans in this work-from-anywhere world.

You can expect to:

  • Hear from our introductory panel of issuers as they discuss the current status of global Stock Purchase Plans. Learn what top companies have done lately to ensure the continued success of these important plans and how they have addressed some unexpected challenges.
  • Join in on the discussion during our first small group breakout session, meeting new colleagues and hearing new experiences. Bring all your SPP questions: Did you rollout a new SPP during the pandemic, experience declines in participation or other challenges? Come ready to get answers from your colleagues who know!
  • Back in the main room, you will hear the second panel of issuer experts as they discuss mobility tracking challenges and solutions for global share plans as employees work in more flexible work environments.
  • Bring all your mobility tracking questions and plan to dialogue on your experiences during the second small group breakout, where you will get an opportunity to collaborate with a new group and join in while the group asks and answers their own tough questions and challenges.

We would love to have you attend this GEO Issuer-Only Roundtable and share your experiences: the good and the not so great. Join us on 21 April 2021, as we explore these new challenges with other issuer members.

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There is no cost to attend this event. GEO Issuer members are welcome - attendance is limited. Registration was required.



"The Future of Work: Work from Anywhere. Challenges & Stories" Issuer-Only Roundtable

04 February 2021
12:00pm - 1:30pm ET

2020 impacted companies in ways we would not have envisioned 12 months ago, including the need for organizations to reimagine the future of work—a future that includes virtual collaboration and remote working arrangements at the forefront of corporate strategy. And while the drivers of this new normal may soon be behind us, the "Work from Anywhere" challenges may be here to stay.

Does your company have employees who have decided to work remotely, either temporarily or possibly permanently? From a new location? Perhaps to switch it up during the COVID-19 shutdown periods? Attendees joined this GEO Roundtable as we discussed remote workers and how to handle this new twist on working from home.

What are the ramifications of this new trend on your company's people, technologies, facilities, and operations? To your compensation strategy and your global share plans? How are companies planning for and tracking this? Is this even allowed in your jurisdictions? Bring these and other questions you may have and join your issuer colleagues who may have similar challenges. Hear stories about what is happening at other firms and possible solutions to this new future-of-work dilemma.

Thank you to all attendees for joining us as we explored these new challenges with other issuer members.

Online - Login details were provided via registration confirmations.

There was no cost to attend this event. GEO Issuer members were welcome - attendance was limited.