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The Citizen's Share - A Study of US Broad-Based Equity Ownership and its Global Implications

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Drawing from their research on Europe and the United States that is the basis for the upcoming release of their new book, The Citizen's Share, Dr. Joseph Blasi and Dr. Richard Freeman will trace the development of policies to support broad-based equity in corporations in the United States and Europe and expand these ideas to the global economy. Relating their specific experiences, Drs. Blasi and Freeman will address the following questions: What actions can corporations take to meaningfully advance government global equity policies worldwide and in their home countries and on which ideas should these actions be based? While it is a well-accepted premise that when employees' interests are aligned with that of the business, performance improves on all fronts. This session will present the audience with evidence to this fact based upon concepts catalogued by America's founders. While their book argues that in today's world the political and economic vision of America’s founders calls for increased profit-sharing and employee share ownership of business capital, this session will expand that thinking and provide attendees a vision of what the latest research on broad-based equity plans teaches us and provide insight into where we go from here by contrasting the modes of creating equity in Europe and the United States.

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