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2018 GEO Awards - Judges Application


Judges Needed for the 2018 GEO Awards in Orlando!


GEO is pleased to announce the opening of the application period for 2018 GEO Awards Judges. If you are a senior, experienced global share plan or executive compensation professional and are passionate about rewarding excellence in our industry, this is the perfect opportunity to give back to your community! GEO Awards Judges not only have the opportunity to collaborate with other experienced industry professionals but also receive a unique look at what their peers are doing with the share plan programs across the globe. All interested individuals are invited to volunteer, via this application process, to be part of the 2018 GEO Awards Judges panel.

The application window closes 3 November 2017.

How Does the Application Work?

The application process is simple and only requires interested parties to answer a few easy questions and submit a short history of their work experience to provide enough information to determine if the applicant meets the criteria to be an awards judge.

The application window will be open until the 3rd of November. Upon the closing of the application period, the applications will be evaluated and the most qualified candidates for the 2018 GEO Awards Judges panel will be selected from among the applicants, as well as from outside nominations and members of prior applicant pools to ensure panel is comprised of individuals with the right experience and geographic diversity. We expect applicants to be notified in December or January of their selection status.

Who are the GEO Awards Judges and What Do They Do?

The GEO Award Judges are composed of leading share plan or executive compensation professionals or accomplished members of academia in these areas. All Judges are expected to complete 40-80 hours of pre-work between 2 February and 16 February to prepare for the in-person meeting. If you are unable to commit to this time in advance, please defer your application to a future year.

The Judges will meet in-person on 16 February 2018 (tentatively scheduled for a location in the northeast or southeast United States), to jointly review all submitted GEO Award applications and make their determinations of the winners for each category and division. The Judges are tasked with considering each award application, individually ranking each application, and then reviewing the entire applicant pool in relation to their stated achievements, to select the annual winners.

All Judges receive complimentary registration to GEO’s 19th Annual Conference but are responsible for all of their related travel expenses to and from the in-person judging meeting and the annual conference.

Judges Qualifications

  • At least 15 years’ experience in an internal organisation, and of that at least 5 years equity plan related.
  • Up-to-date with the developments in the global equity world.
  • Strong knowledge of aspects of executive and/or employee equity plans.
  • Ability to influence others in a professional manner.
  • Ability to communicate clearly (in English) and confidence to present awards at the GEO Awards.
  • A team player.

How are the Judges Selected?

Each year we will select our Judges on demonstrated performance in the field. In addition, we will choose Judges that have little or no direct contact with the likely award candidate companies - we attempt to minimize any conflict of interest between a judge's prior work or involvement with applicant companies. Due to the nature of the required experience, only individuals in the role of issuer or academia may apply to be an Awards judge. Employees of service provider companies are not eligible to apply.


2018 GEO Awards Judges Application

Please complete the below fields with the required information and submit a short work history/biography, resumé or curriculum vitae.

Please direct any questions to GEO at geoinfo@globalequity.org or 714-630-2908.