15 November 2018
London, United Kingdom

GEO's 2018 Pan European Regional Event

GEO was pleased to present our 2018 Pan European Regional Event on 15 November, in the beautiful city of London. This year's event promised insightful keynotes, a schedule packed with useful content, knowledgeable speakers and high caliber attendees.

Delegates left this year's event armed with up-to-date information on the industry’s most pressing issues and are now equipped with tips to improve their global share plan operations and executive compensation strategies through exceptional knowledge, shared experiences and access to tools they can use immediately.

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GEO's 2018 Pan European Regional Event

About the Pan European Regional Event

GEO's Pan European Regional Event is one of the industry's premier educational and networking opportunities for strategic-minded employee share plan and executive compensation professionals.

A Unique Event Experience

  • More senior-level professionals and decision makers in attendance

  • Valuable networking opportunities to promote your organization and support your career development

  • Opportunity to build visibility as an industry expert

  • A highly efficient way to meet and learn from peers around the globe

  • A low-cost way to access valuable information and grow your business

More Reasons Than Ever to Be Involved

The event features a schedule packed with useful content, knowledgeable speakers and high caliber attendees. Here are just some of the reasons that the event is an experience not to be missed:

  • JOIN senior compensation professionals for up to the minute education on the industry’s hottest topics

  • LEARN from the keynote speeches, live case studies and specialist sessions

  • BE INSPIRED by the industry’s leading experts

  • CONNECT with new vendors and/or clients and build your visibility as an industry expert

  • EXPERIENCE a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere

  • SUPPORT your career development

  • NETWORK with peers

Who Will Attend?

GEO's Pan European Regional Event typically attracts delegates primarily from the United Kingdom and across Europe.

Attendees include employees of companies who offer equity and executive compensation as part of their company's compensation packages and serve in the roles of analyst, manager, senior manager, director, senior director, vice president and various other executive level positions in functions such as human resources, accounting, finance, tax and stock plan administration. The delegate population also includes employees and management of the top companies providing services to companies who offer share plans.

"Networking is undoubtedly the most important aspect of GEO events. They are always a great opportunity to talk to other experts who have become friends over such long time working in this business."

Dennis Weinhold, PhD
Corporate Head Equity Programs
Novartis (CH)

"GEO events provide a great opportunity to network with peers and exchange experience, as well as listening to some of the best in the business discuss their challenges and successes."

Jorgen Pedersen
Director Group Compensation & Benefits
Saint-Gobain (FR)


"GEO's annual conference is hands down the best industry event to access the hottest and latest developments in the equity based compensation world.

"However, if pressed for time or budget, the one-day event is a perfect alternative to connect with peers and get updated."

Dennis Paalman
SVP Global Reward
Signify (NL)


"If you want to share your experiences in equity-based compensation with international experts, then GEO is the perfect place for you."

Marc Muntermann
Head of Global Share Programs
Siemens AG (DE)

"GEO events focus on global companies and offer more content on plan design, both relevant to my work at SAP."

Jessica Vinsand
Equity Compensation Expert

"GEO events are very inclusive - everyone is welcome."

Pat Sims
Global Share Plan Consultant
PJS Consultancy Services Limited (UK)