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20 November 2019
Berlin, Germany


Keynote I—Economic Outlook in Times of Populism and Uncertainty
 No download available for this session.
Keynote II—Fireside Chat: The Changing Role of HR in a World of Disruption
 No download available for this session.

Breakout Series 1

1a. Tone from the Top: Executive Compensation Insights(EXECUTIVE PAY)
1b. Global Audience, Global Communications Approach(COMMUNICATIONS)
1c. 10 Ways to Save on Your Share-Based Accounting Charge(FINANCE, TAX & ACCOUNTING)
1d. From Go-Live to Go Go Go: Plan Implementation Straight to Key Plan Events(PROGRAM MANAGEMENT)
1e. Biased by Design(DESIGN AND STRATEGY)

Breakout Series 2

2a. The Future of Work Is Here. Why Are Incentive Plans Lagging Behind?(TRENDING NOW)
2b. Practical Focus on Global Share Plans During Corporate Transactions(FINANCE, TAX & ACCOUNTING)
2c. BP—Changing Company Priorities and Changing Global Share Plans(DESIGN AND STRATEGY)
2d. East to West and Everywhere in Between—a Global Update on Global Share Plans(LEGAL/REGULATORY)

Breakout Series 3

3a. The Evolution of Global Share Plans(DESIGN AND STRATEGY)
3b. Social Responsibility Empowered Through Share Ownership(PROGRAM MANAGEMENT)
3c. Disrupting Design—Technology in Equity Compensation(DESIGN AND STRATEGY)
3d. Re-Thinking Long-Term Incentives in a Challenging Environment of Transformation(TRENDING NOW)

Breakout Series 4

4a. Innovating Excellence—Delivering a New UK Share Plan for Siemens(FINANCE, TAX & ACCOUNTING)
4b. Going Public: The Party's Over, So What's Next?(PROGRAM MANAGEMENT)
4c. Global Equity Insights Survey 2019(DESIGN AND STRATEGY)
4d. #digitalfrontrunner for Industrial Services—Compensation as a Driver for Transformation(TRENDING NOW)

Breakout Series 5

5a. The Rise of Equity Plans in China and Hong Kong(PROGRAM MANAGEMENT)
5b. Snap, Tweet, Share—Using Social Media Concepts for Share Plans(COMMUNICATIONS)
5c. The Future of Work—No More “One Size Fits All”(TRENDING NOW)
5d. Simply Creative Global Share Plans(DESIGN AND STRATEGY)

Breakout Series 6

6a. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Empirical Evidence of the Retention Effect of ESOPs(COMMUNICATIONS)
6b. Innovations in Plan Design: Telenor and Their Global Population(DESIGN AND STRATEGY)
6c. Beyond Borders: Launching Global Plans Outside Your Home Country(LEGAL/REGULATORY)
6d. Flex Your Future with Total Rewards(TRENDING NOW)