Keynote I - Confronting the Cybersecurity Challenge: Are You Prepared?
Keynote Address II - A Look at the Current Global Economic Environment
Keynote Address III - The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

Breakout Series 1

1.1 Make Life Sweeter...with a New Global Share Plan (Communications)
1.2 A Corporate Action: An Opportunity to Engage or a HR Nightmare? (Trending Now)
1.3 2017 Global Equity Insights Survey — Results (Design Strategy & Trends)
1.4 Successfully Managing Equity Disbursements Around the Globe (Program Management)
1.5 Corporate Governance Best Practices for Global Stock Plans (Compliance & Regulatory)
1.6 Focusing, Preparing, Executing and Improving: Employee Stock Plans in a Multinational Environment (Compliance & Regulatory)

Breakout Series 2

2.1 The Future of HR (Trending Now)
2.2 Does One Size Really Fit All? Comparing Equity Compensation Plans Across the Globe (Design Strategy & Trends)
2.3 Mama Mia! Ingredients to a Tastefully Authentic ESPP (Program Management)
2.4 Let's Talk: Truth in Negotiations with the Regulators (Compliance & Regulatory)
2.5 La Dolce Vita—Keeping up on the Latest Developments in Equity Compensation Around the Globe (Compliance & Regulatory)
2.6 Show Us the Money Executive Pay in the Spotlight (Executive Pay)
2.7 Discussion Den: Technology (Discussion Den)
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Breakout Series 3

3.1 Augmented Reality Tomorrow’s Communications Today (Trending Now)
3.2 Allianz: A Story About Change and Transformation (Program Management)
3.3 Rock Your Share Plan Risk Management Programs (Compliance & Regulatory)
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3.4 Getting the Deal Done: Motivation and Retention During Corporate Actions (Design Strategy & Trends)
3.5 People First: Launching the Adidas Group Stock Purchase Plan (Design Strategy & Trends)
3.6 The Business Traveler: Progressing from Problems to Solutions (Finance & Tax)
3.7 Discussion Den: Financial Education (Discussion Den)
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Breakout Series 4

4.1 Modernizing the Tax Collection Process in France (Trending Now)
4.2 Mobility Taxation—Sizing Up A Solution (Program Management)
4.3 Learning by Example: Teva Pharmaceuticals' Acquisition of Actavis Generics (Program Management)
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4.4 How Employee Benefits Foster Growth: Lessons From the “Start-up” Nation (Design Strategy & Trends)
4.5 An Insider’s Perspective on the Market Abuse Regulations (Design Strategy & Trends)
4.6 The Real Impact of an International Tax Structuring on Global Employee Equity Plans (Finance & Tax)
4.7 Discussion Den: Innovative Reward Strategies for Special Situations (Discussion Den)
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Breakout Series 5

5.1 Yes, You Can! Technology in Share Plan Communications (Communications)
5.2 Moving from Design to Delivery with an Innovative Plan (Trending Now)
No Audio Currently Available - please check back soon.
5.3 The Impact of Increased Regulation on Global All-Employee Stock Plans (Trending Now)
5.4 Rome Wasn’t Built in Day…A Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Effective Global Equity Program (Program Management)
5.5 Project "By the Slice" Alphabet's Fractional Share Project (Program Management)
5.6 Moving Out—The Impact of Global Restructuring on Global Incentive Plans Through the Eyes of Deutsche Bank (Compliance & Regulatory)
5.7 Discussion Den: Communications (Discussion Den)
No Audio Available.

Breakout Series 6

6.1 Winds of Change: Global Share Purchase Plans (Program Management)
No Audio Currently Available - please check back soon.
6.2 SHARES—The Next Generation (Program Management)
6.3 Keeping Your Grant Practices Fresh for Your Millennial Workforce (Design Strategy & Trends)
6.4 Mind the Gap! The Challenges of Gender Pay Gap Reporting (Finance & Tax)
6.5 Executive Compensation and Global Uncertainty (Executive Pay)
6.6 Hitting the Road to Share in our Success: DHL’s Story (Program Management)
6.7 Discussion Den: The Impact of Foreign Currency on Incentive Plans (Discussion Den)
No Audio Available.

Breakout Series 7

7.1 The View from the Valley—What Drives Global Share Plan Design and Implementation in Silicon Valley and Does it Lead to Company Success? (Trending Now)
7.2 Secrets to Minimizing Global Communication Challenges and Maximizing Benefits (Communications)
7.3 Disruptors in the Stock Plan World (Design Strategy & Trends)
7.4 Global Update—What's New and What’s Changing? (Finance & Tax)
7.5 Eyes Wide Open: Global Investor Perspectives on Share Requests (Executive Pay)

Breakout Series 8

8.1 When in Rome: Adapting Equity Practices to Specific Markets (Trending Now)
8.2 Betting on Change and Banking on Design (Communications)
8.3 Centralization or Decentralization, Which is the Key for Compliance? (Program Management)
8.4 A World of Difference: Exploring Stock-Based Accounting Standards and the Impact of New Guidance (Finance & Tax)

Breakout Series 9

9.1 Project Mint—Google's Refreshing Approach to Global Mobility Compliance (Compliance & Regulatory)
9.2 How to Get the Most Out of Your Equity Plan Covering a Diverse Employee Population (Design Strategy & Trends)
9.3 Trends and Tensions Putting Executive Compensation Under the Global Microscope (Executive Pay)
9.4 Smart Technology Solutions for Automating Difficult Processes (Trending Now)
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1.3-2017-Global-Equity-Insights-Survey-Results.pdf460.13 KB
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2.3-Mama-Mia-Ingredients-to-a-Tastefully-Authentic-ESPP.pdf1.83 MB
2.4-Lets-Talk-Truth-in-Negotiations-with-the-Regulators.pdf4.89 MB
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3.1-Augmented-Reality-Tomorrows-Communications-Today.pdf12.77 MB
3.2-Allianz-A-Story-About-Change-and-Transformation.pdf2.35 MB
3.3-Rock-Your-Share-Plan-Risk-Management-Programs.pdf497.02 KB
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3.5-People-First-Launching-the-Adidas-Group-Stock-Purchase.pdf12.02 MB
3.6-The-Business-Traveler-Progressing-from-Problems-to.pdf1.14 MB
3.7-Discussion-Den-Financial-Education.pdf446.38 KB
4.1-Modernizing-the-Tax-Collection-Process-in-France.pdf3.98 MB
4.2-Mobility-Taxation-Sizing-Up-A-Solution.pdf3.11 MB
4.3-Learning-by-Example-Teva-Pharmaceuticals-Acquisition.pdf1.73 MB
4.4-How-Employee-Benefits-Foster-Growth-Lessons-From-the.pdf1.41 MB
4.5-An-Insiders-Perspective-on-the-Market-Abuse-Regulation.pdf732.92 KB
4.6-The-Real-Impact-of-an-International-Tax-Structuring-on.pdf567.13 KB
4.7-Discussion-Den-Innovative-Reward-Strategies-for.pdf469.8 KB
5.1-Yes-You-Can-Technology-in-Share-Plan-Communications.pdf2.02 MB
5.2-Moving-from-Design-to-Delivery-with-an-Innovative-Plan.pdf1.14 MB
5.3-The-Impact-of-Increased-Regulation-on-Global-All.pdf1.82 MB
5.4-Rome-Wasnt-Built-in-Day-A-Step-by-Step-Guide-to.pdf1.23 MB
5.5-Project-By-the-Slice-Alphabets-Fractional-Share-Project.pdf5.85 MB
5.6-Moving-Out-The-Impact-of-Global-Restructuring-on-Global.pdf2.06 MB
5.7-Discussion-Den-Communications.pdf446.32 KB
6.1-Winds-of-Change-Global-Share-Purchase-Plans.pdf456.09 KB
6.3-Keeping-Your-Grant-Practices-Fresh-for-Your-Millennial.pdf550.37 KB
6.4-Mind-the-Gap-The-Challenges-of-Gender-Pay-Gap-Reporting.pdf873.45 KB
6.5-Executive-Compensation-and-Global-Uncertainty.pdf519.69 KB
6.6-Hitting-the-Road-to-Share-in-our-Success-DHLs-Story.pdf2.24 MB
6.7-Discussion-Den-The-Impact-of-Foreign-Currency-on.pdf446.96 KB
7.1-The-View-from-the-Valley-What-Drives-Global-Share-Plan.pdf558.26 KB
7.2-Secrets-to-Minimizing-Global-Communication-Challenges.pdf1.45 MB
7.3-Disruptors-in-the-Stock-Plan-World.pdf5 MB
7.4-Global-Update-Whats-New-and-Whats-Changing.pdf3.28 MB
7.5-Eyes-Wide-Open-Global-Investor-Perspectives-on-Share.pdf599.03 KB
8.1-When-in-Rome-Adapting-Equity-Practices-to-Specific.pdf618.59 KB
8.2-Betting-on-Change-and-Banking-on-Design.pdf1020.05 KB
8.3-Centralization-or-Decentralization-Which-is-the-Key.pdf458.39 KB
8.4-A-World-of-Difference-Exploring-Stock-Based-Accounting.pdf535.99 KB
9.1-Project-Mint-Googles-Refreshing-Approach-to-Global.pdf1.6 MB
9.2-How-to-Get-the-Most-Out-of-Your-Equity-Plan-Covering-a.pdf468.26 KB
9.3-Trends-and-Tensions-Putting-Executive-Compensation.pdf864.28 KB
9.4-Smart-Technology-Solutions-for-Automating-Difficult.pdf1.12 MB
KN1-Confronting-the-Cybersecurity-Challenge-Are-You.pdf456.34 KB
KN2-A-Look-at-the-Current-Global-Economic-Environment.pdf455.5 KB
KN3-The-Culture-Map-Breaking-Through-the-Invisible.pdf455.69 KB
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6.2-SHARES-The-Next-Generation.pdf2.01 MB