Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

The Global Equity Organization (‘GEO’) has the right to make rules and regulations or changes in arrangements as necessary, and to amend as needed.

GEO shall have the final determination and enforcement of all rules, regulations, and conditions.

These terms and conditions are in addition to any and all other sponsor-related contractual agreements.


All Sponsors/Exhibitors must comply with the laws and regulations of the facility in which the Conference is held. The person whose signature appears on the Event Agreement agrees to inform all on-site personnel and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors of the event guidelines.


Sponsors and or exhibitors assume all responsibility for any and all loss, theft or damage to Exhibitor’s displays, equipment and other property while on the event venue premises, and hereby waives any claim or demand it may have against the venue or its affiliates arising from such loss, theft or damage. In addition, the Exhibitor agrees to defend (if requested), indemnify and hold harmless GEO and its respective parent, subsidiary and other related or affiliated companies from and against any liabilities, obligations, claims, damages, suits, costs and expenses including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and costs arising from or in connection with the sponsors and or exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the event premises or any part thereof or any negligent act, error or omission of the sponsor and or exhibitor or its employees, subcontractors or agents.

Event Location

Floor plans and Parlor assignments may be modified as necessary with all changes approved by the Venue and Fire Marshall. Additional regulations as related to GEO, its vendors, and its venues will be added to the GEO website and or the Exhibitor Service Guide.

Booth Eligibility

Booth space will be offered on a priority basis to sponsors and exhibitors, and then assigned in the order that applications are received. GEO shall have the sole right to determine the eligibility of sponsors and exhibitors including, but not limited to: Companies, products, systems, services, booth graphics, printed matter distributed at events, souvenirs, giveaways, costumes and booth personnel attire, and all other Exhibition features and activities.

Early Move Out

Sponsor/Exhibitor agrees not to dismantle the exhibit or do any packaging before the close of the event. Violations will result in exclusion from future GEO Exhibitions.

Official Service Contractor

GEO, its vendors, and its venues have designated contractors to provide services to the Sponsors/Exhibitors and will be indicated in the Exhibitor Service Guide. Exceptions to using the official contractors will be granted only if they do not interfere with the orderly installation, interim services or dismantling of the exhibit. For services such as electrical, telephone, security, cleaning, drayage and rigging, no exception will be made and GEO, its vendor, and its venue contractors must be used.

Sponsor/Exhibitor-Hosted Events

Any type of hospitality parlor event or private function scheduled by a Sponsor/Exhibitor held either on site at the event venue or any other venue may not begin until the event and Exhibit Hall has closed officially for that day and does not conflict with any other scheduled event activity.

Any meeting or entertainment within a hospitality parlor must conform to all venue policies and procedures. Any violations will result in exclusion from future GEO Sponsorships or Exhibitions and speaking opportunities of the company’s employees.

Admission of Attendees/Children

GEO requires an event badge for everyone who enters an Exhibit Hall or event. Security will enforce this requirement during move-in, show hours and move-out.

Children under the age of 21 will not be permitted at GEO events or in the Exhibit Hall.

Installation and Dismantling of Exhibits

GEO appointed vendors will receive and deliver materials to the exhibit booth. Please refer to your communication materials for complete information. GEO vendors will have full access to dock and loading facilities and will provide all labor and equipment. GEO vendors and venues are the exclusive providers for all rigging. Sponsor/ Exhibitor agrees to have set-up completed one hour prior to show opening. GEO has the right to stop any acts that may lead to work stoppages, strikes or labor problems.

Demos and Entertainment

Sponsors/Exhibitors using costumed persons or models as part of an event agree that such personnel adhere to GEO’s Event Code of Conduct policy and that their behavior, appearance and dress do not offend even the most critical. The decision on acceptability rests solely with GEO show management. Any type of displays and entertainment must be confined to the Sponsor’s/Exhibitor’s assigned area and will not be allowed in the aisles.


GEO makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the number or type of persons who will attend its in-person or online conferences or events.


The Sponsor agrees to allow GEO to use its name and logo in promotional materials.

Noise Level

Amplified music or vocal presentations are permitted if not audible in neighboring booths including those on either side, back-to-back or across the aisle. Blinking or flashing lights that are distracting to neighboring Exhibitors on either side, behind the booth or across the aisle are not permitted. No exceptions will be allowed. Show management shall exercise total control of this regulation and will ask that Sponsor/Exhibitor to discontinue the distraction if objectionable to neighboring booths.

Literature Distribution

Canvassing in any part of the event venue outside of your assigned exhibit space is strictly prohibited. Any person doing so will be requested to discontinue canvassing immediately. Circulars, catalogs, magazines, invitations, brochures, folders, and signs may be displayed or distributed only in the Sponsor’s/ Exhibitor’s booth and must be related strictly to the approved products and/or services on display.

Promotional Materials

Sponsors/Exhibitors may not create promotional materials that are in direct conflict with official event sponsorships and will be subject to removal from show. When in doubt, please check with GEO staff for prior approvals.

In-Booth Sales

Selling of any products from the booth is not permitted.

Safety Regulations

Each Sponsor/Exhibitor must have a “fair” sight line from the aisle — regardless of the size of the exhibit. No fixture or equipment will be placed where it will block the sight of another Sponsor/ Exhibitor unless mutually agreed upon by the exhibiting companies and on-site contacts.

Equipment (i.e., monitors, etc.) that is over 4 feet high and within 10 feet of another booth shall be placed in the back 5 feet of the booth. All electrical equipment must be in good operable condition and able to pass the inspection of an on-site Fire Marshall. Booths, tables, curtains, displays or storage may not protrude into an aisle, exit, or block any location during the show. All packing containers or materials must be removed when emptied. These items cannot be used as exhibit support. Booth space is to be left in the same condition as it was at the time of occupancy. Any material left in the booth that requires additional cleaning or large amounts of materials removed will be billed to the Sponsor/Exhibitor. Each Sponsor/Exhibitor agrees to be responsible regarding regulations pertaining to health and public safety while participating in the event.

Event Badges

Every attendee must wear a GEO issued event badge and lanyard for access to sessions, the exhibit hall and all events. Badges and lanyards must not be altered. Temporary badges will be issued to individuals assisting during move-in, move-out or before or after show hours and must be cleared with the GEO prior to event dates. The only exception is entrance to the GEO Award Presentation and Dinner where guests will be checked in via an attendee list.

Event Regulations

Nothing may be attached to or suspended from any venue structure without the express consent of the venue. Nothing may be placed or leaned against any wall in the exhibit area. No writing, taping, tacking, or nailing on the wall is permitted. The booth must be always maintained by at least one company representative during Exhibit Hall hours. All demonstrations and exhibits must be confined to the contracted space, relevant to the product or service of the exhibiting firm and be of interest or educational value to the attendees. Adhesive-backed decals/ stickers (except for name tags) may not be used or distributed on premises.

Booth Equipment

The venue does not provide miscellaneous items to Exhibitors such as chairs, tables, etc. These must be obtained from contracted logistics vendors.

Electrical Services

All connections to the electrical circuits in the venue must be made through the venue directly. The GEO will provide a listing of fees for electrical services within the Exhibitor Service Guide.


Sponsors/Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their personal property from move-in through move-out. Always keep an eye on your valuables. GEO, its venues and vendors are not liable for any loss or damage of materials. Should any loss occur, report the incident to resort security immediately.

Smoking Restrictions

Our venues are smoke-free. Smoke in designated outside areas only.

Food/Beverage Dispensing

All food and beverage served at Sponsor’s/ Exhibitor’s booth must be provided and prepared by the event venue. Exceptions may be granted to the Sponsors/Exhibitors who are manufactures or suppliers of food or food products. Requests for exceptions must be submitted by the Sponsors/Exhibitors and will be reviewed by the event venue on a case-by-case basis. The Fire Marshall in addition to the venue Management must approve cooking in any area of their facility.

Exhibitors wishing to provide food and beverage at their booth for attendees of an event must contact the designated venue Catering Manager for rules, regulations, and pricing.