WEBCAST - 10 May 2018

The Path to Global ESPP Payroll Management Efficiencies

Thursday, 10 May 2018
 9:00am Los Angeles / San Francisco / Seattle
12:00pm Atlanta / Boston / New York
 5:00pm Dublin / Greenwich / London
 6:00pm Amsterdam / Frankfurt / Paris
 4:00am Melbourne / Sydney (next day)


The Path to Global ESPP Payroll Management Efficiencies
If your company offers a Global ESPP, you need to have a reliable control system for managing plan administration and global payroll compliance as there can be a problematic gap between these areas. This gap can result in data inaccuracies, incorrect financial reporting and more. Change the way you manage your global ESPP payroll processes for the better. This session will offer new ways to succeed in global ESPP payroll management that will enhance the speed of your review processes, participant experience and overall corporate compliance; allow you to monitor compliance and make adjustments real-time in all countries where your plan is offered, not just the largest or high risk areas; help with the availability and accuracy of global employee data; and ensure multiple global payrolls timely complete necessary reporting and withholding procedures.

Presented by:
Jessica Laddon, Computershare
Robyn Shutak, Computershare
Sandra Sussman, SAP

Length: Approximately 75 minutes


* This program qualifies for continuing education for Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs). Please keep a record of your attendance and refer to the CEP Institute standards to determine the amount of credit you can receive. Please visit our Continuing Education and Event Policies pages for more information.


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