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Thursday, 11 April 2019
13:00 - 13:50Breakout Series III

3.4 Diversity—Strategic Priority or Compliance?

Compliance & Regulatory

Do companies look at diversity in their workforce as a global strategic priority or a local compliance necessity? Join us for this timely session as the panelists look at why governments around the world are bringing in further equality regulation and what they expect to achieve with it. Companies like Unilever will address how they manage diversity globally and the impact of local regulations on global policies, and on the changing nature of work. The panel will discuss whether companies are setting diversity targets and whether these are attached to companies’ bonus and long-term incentive plans. There will also be a review of the impact on companies’ disclosures as well as discussion of the UK’s FRC recent report on diversity disclosures and expectations in the UK market. Additionally, there will be consideration of whether approaches to diversity is changing the way companies work and identification of key future developments in this area. Come see what this hot topic is all about! Available via Live Broadcast More info...
Janet Cooper OBE, Tapestry Compliance (UK)
Margot Fransen, Unilever (NL)
Elysia McCaffrey, Government Equality Office (UK)
CPE Credit: 1.0
Field of Study: Personnel/HR
Level: I, II, III