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Keynote Addresses

GEO takes pride in partnering with keynote speakers that represent the most influential, forward thinking and astute leaders from business, academia and everyday life to share their stories and ideas and make a difference to your work and personal life and enhance your conference experience.

GEO's 20th Annual Conference  |  Keynote Speaker Margaret Heffernan

Dr. Margaret Heffernan
Former CEO, Author, Keynote Speaker (UK)

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019
13:25 — 14:15

Keynote I—Beyond Ownership

Share ownership is a powerful motivator; even companies that don’t practice it want their employees to "think like an owner". But shares are the beginning of motivation, not the end. What else should companies do to build a workforce that is sustainably committed, collaborative and creative? We used to believe that so-called scientific management, with its toolbox of job descriptions, KPIs, targets and measurements of all kinds were the answer. But with just 15% of the world’s workforce feeling highly engaged in their work, clearly we need better answers now. In this session, Margaret Heffernan, former CEO and author of five books, largely exploring business and effective leadership, will explore the roots of motivation and commitment at work, what characterises highly productive innovative business and the very big impact that small changes can make to the world of work. Available via Live Broadcast More info...

CPE Credit: 1.0
Field of Study: Personnel/HR
Level: I, II, III

GEO's 20th Annual Conference  |  Keynote Speaker Tom Stevenson

Tom Stevenson
Investment Director
Fidelity International (UK)

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Thursday, 11 April 2019
9:25 — 10:25

Keynote II—Finding Opportunities in a World of Financial, Economic and Political Upheaval

Over the recent course of history, we have seen some major global shifts. From extreme political upheaval and trade tensions—both threatened and executed—to existential threats to key institutions like the European Union. All of this has meant ambiguity for global economics and the financial markets. So, what does the future look like?

In this timely discussion, Tom Stevenson, Investment Director at Fidelity, assesses the challenge of navigating through a period of unprecedented uncertainty. His analysis reveals a rising tide of populist politics and trade disputes colliding with the reversal of ten years of monetary and fiscal stimulus to create a fragile environment. Investors have never enjoyed the luxury of foresight but over the years they have been rewarded for optimism. Stevenson makes the case for keeping the faith through the prevailing market storms. Join the session to get an overview of the GEO-political landscape in 2019 and what this means for you and your share plans! Available via Live Broadcast More info...

CPE Credit: 1.0
Field of Study: Economics
Level: I, II, III

GEO's 20th Annual Conference  |  Keynote Speaker Russell Shorto

Russell Shorto
Author, Historian and Journalist (US)

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Friday, 12 April 2019
12:00 — 13:30

Keynote III—A Piece of the Action

The world's first shares of stock were issued in the city of Amsterdam on April 1, 1602. In fact, the first trades took place in a private home just steps from where the Hotel Krasnapolsky now stands. Within the next few days, 1,143 individuals had purchased pieces of paper saying they were partial owners of a new kind of corporation. The Dutch East India Company changed the world in many ways, not the least of which was in issuing stock. With that innovation, the citizens of Amsterdam, ordinary bakers and maids as well as powerful merchants, were able to get "a piece of the action" in one of the greatest economic booms in history: they became active participants in the Dutch Golden Age, which sent ships around the globe, setting off revolutions in commerce and culture. Join Russell Shorto, author, historian and journalist, as he uses this moment in time as a fulcrum to examine the miraculous rise of the Dutch Republic in the 17th century and to explore its remarkable influence on the modern world. Available via Live Broadcast More info...

CPE Credit: 1.0
Field of Study: Personal Development
Level: I, II, III