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Registration Information

GEO's 20th Annual Conference is open to all individuals interested in attending the event. Registration fees are based on an attendee's GEO membership category and status at the time of registration. For your convenience, we have several registration options available. Please note that registration fees must be paid in full by the deadline to receive early discounts.

GEO is pleased to provide member rates to all current GEO members. If your firm has a group membership (either issuer company, provider or advisor firms) and you are not a member of that group, please contact us to add your individual membership to the group before registering in order to receive the benefit of the member rate.

Exclusive Private Event at the Rijksmuseum

Don't Miss the Opportunity to Enjoy GEO's Exclusive Private Event of All the Rembrandts Special Collection Exhibition at the Rijksmuseum

GEO Amsterdam 2019 Special EventsThe year-long celebration opens with All the Rembrandts, in which the Rijksmuseum will present for the first time an exhibition of all 22 paintings, 60 drawings and more than 300 of the finest examples of Rembrandt’s prints in its collection. As well as holding the world’s largest collection of Rembrandt paintings, the Rijksmuseum collection offers the world’s most comprehensive and representative overview of Rembrandt’s work. Given the extreme rarity and delicate state of many of the drawings and prints, All the Rembrandts offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Rembrandt the artist, the human, the storyteller, the innovator. GEO guests will enjoy a leisurely canal boat ride to and tram ride back from the Rijksmuseum.

This event is inclusive and open to all GEO delegates* and their guests. Please contact us to register your guest (guest fee applies).

Title Sponsor:

Baker McKenzie

*The event is complimentary for all registered issuers and Rijksmuseum Private Event Partner firm registrants. Provider registrants who are not Rijksmuseum Private Event Partners should register for the conference at the Provider NonPartner rate. To receive Partner conference pricing, please register using the discount code included in your firm's Event Partner agreement.


Please note: Attendees registering as Netherlands Businesses will be required to provide a Netherlands VAT # during registration.

Corporate Issuers are defined as employees of companies that provide equity-based plans and programs as part of employee compensation. Become a GEO member.
Provider/Advisor Firms provide services to companies providing employee equity compensation plans. Become a GEO member. Multi-attendee packages available for members.
Academic individuals who are affiliated with any non-profit educational or research institutions are welcome to a complimentary GEO Academic membership.
Government individuals who are affiliated with a national or international government agency/regulatory body are welcome to a complimentary GEO Government membership.
GEO Amsterdam 2019 Fellows Discount
GEO Amsterdam 2019 Issuer VIP
  Early Rate1
(between 01 February
and 22 February)
Regular Rate2
(between 23 February
and 22 March)
Late Rate
(after 22 March)
Corporate Issuer Rates
Issuer Member 1,365€ (+VAT) 1,615€ (+VAT) 1,715€ (+VAT)
Issuer Bundle** 1,615€ (+VAT) 1,865€ (+VAT) 1,965€ (+VAT)
Issuer NonMember 2,015€ (+VAT) 2,015€ (+VAT) 2,015€ (+VAT)
Provider/Advisor Rates
Provider Member – Special Event Partner 1,819€ (+VAT) 1,919€ (+VAT) 2,019€ (+VAT)
Provider Member – Special Event NonPartner*** Add 160€ (+VAT) per attendee
Provider NonMember 2,759€ (+VAT) subject to restrictions, please contact GEO for further details
Academic & Government Rates
Academic Member 1,365€ (+VAT) 1,615€ (+VAT) 1,715€ (+VAT)
Government Member 1,365€ (+VAT) 1,615€ (+VAT) 1,715€ (+VAT)
GEO's 2019 Annual Conference

Member Rates: If your firm has an issuer group or service provider corporate membership and you have not been previously made a member of the group, you must contact GEO to add your individual membership before registering in order to receive the individual member rate. Provided your firm's membership is current, there is no cost to make this addition.

** Issuer Bundle: Issuers who are new to GEO and prefer a one-click solution are offered special annual conference registration which includes a complimentary GEO membership expiring 31 December 2019. (Offer restricted to issuers who have not been a member of GEO in the prior 24 months).

*** Provider Member – Special Event NonPartner: Conference rate for employees of provider firms that are not Rijksmuseum Private Event Partners includes €160 for GEO's Exclusive Private Event.

1 Early Rate: Registration fees must be paid in full by 22 February 2019 to receive discount. Member rates are available to those who have renewed their 2019 membership.

2 Regular Rate: Registration fees must be paid in full by 22 March 2019 to receive discount. Member rates are available to those who have renewed their 2019 membership.

VAT: All prices are subject to Netherlands VAT (if applicable) of mixed rates between 9% and 21%. VAT circumstances vary by business and location. Please contact your tax advisor for further guidance. Conference registrants may be eligible for refund of VAT remitted on registrations via a tax reclaim process. If you are in need of assistance in this area, please contact GEO for further information.

Cancellation Policy, Code of Conduct and Dress Code