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On 09 June 2022, GEO was pleased to host attendees at GEO's Boston & New York Chapter Meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended, as well as to our speakers and event sponsors for their support.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming activities in the Boston region.



Highlights from 09 June 2022

GEO's Boston and New York Chapter Meeting

Data Driven Metrics in Stock Administration
Measuring and tracking metrics related to your equity plans can ensure your employees understand your plans, and can demonstrate to management the value and impact they bring.  It can also showcase the value of your work managing these plans has on the employees and your company as a whole.  Measuring and tracking the right metrics can help you answer the following questions.  Do you have successful, healthy equity plans?  Are your employees engaged in your education efforts and do they understand and appreciate their equity benefits?  Are employees satisfied overall with your equity plans?  Do your equity benefits have a positive impact on attracting talent to the company and on retention and reward efforts?  Do your business leaders understand the role your team plays in the advance of business goals?  Do you know what’s working well and what’s not?  Do you need to add headcount or ask for budget resources?  Attendees joined us for an in-depth discussion on the metrics to measure and how data driven metrics can improve the health and impact of their equity plans.

Presented by:
Wendy Jennings, Vice President Shareholder Services, DataRobot, Inc.
Donna Spinola,  Stock Plan Administrator & Payroll, Intuitive Surgical


Highlights from 12 May 2021

GEO's Boston and NY/NJ Joint Chapter Meeting

Attendees enjoyed a lively discussion on three hot topics:
1. Charitable Giving
2. Tax Updates 2021
3. GEO Global Incentives Survey

Ryan Boland, Vice President, National Corporate & Executive Giving | Fidelity explained donor funds, the tax advantages they offer [in the U.S.] and how to maximize equity for giving goals.

Terri Stecher, Director and Ashra Jackson, Senior Manager | KPMG – Washington National Tax provided important updates related to US compensation issues and the proposed Biden tax law changes.

Sheila Frierson, President, North American Plan Managers | Computershare and Sandra Sussman, Director, Global Equity Design and Strategy | SAP shared key insights learned from GEO’s most recent Global Incentives Survey.


Highlights from 11 February 2021

GEO's Boston and New York Chapters Joint Virtual Event

Changing Times: Trends in Compensation Design & Impact on Proxy Disclosure
Attendees submitted their questions ahead of the session so the session could be tailored to specifically meet the needs of the audience.

Presented by:
Jack McArthur, Director, Radford
Amy Reina, Tax Managing Director, Deloitte (Facilitator)
Andy Welt, SVP, Rewards Consulting Practice Leader, Fidelity


Highlights from 10 November 2020

GEO's NY/NJ and Boston Chapters Meeting

Changing Landscape of the Global Workplace
Are you busier than ever before?

  • Connect on a topic important to you
  • Grab a beverage of choice
  • Listen and engage in discussion
  • Discover solutions for managing equity in our new virtual reality

Presented by:
AmyLynn Flood, PwC
Wendy Jennings, FGE, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Rosemary Vangiezen, TomTom (a Dutch-based company)
Amy Wheeler, ZoomInfo


Highlights from 07 May 2020

GEO's Boston Chapter Virtual Meeting

The Equity Connection – Boston
Are you busier than ever before?

  • Take a break to reconnect
  • Grab your coffee, tea, juice, etc.
  • Set your best Zoom background
  • Bring a smile, share a story
  • Discover solutions for managing equity in our new virtual reality

Facilitated by:
Jeremy Boraks, CEP
Vice President, Equity Compensation Managing Director
Workplace Investing - Stock Plan Services
Fidelity Investments


Highlights from 30 January 2020

GEO's Boston Chapter January Mingle

Attendees joined us for a GEO post-holiday social to mingle with colleagues as we rang in the New Year. We enjoyed appetizers and refreshments, some comradery, exchanged ideas and relaxed at this networking event.


Highlights from 24 October 2019

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Your Burning Questions Answered – Tell Us What’s on Your Mind. Global? Tax? Accounting?
In our current Information Age, it seems like updates and changes occur daily. Keeping up with the correspondence is a challenge in and of itself. Attendees joined us for an interactive discussion covering some of the questions you’ve been asking, including:

  • What global updates should I be most focused on?
  • How does 162(m) impact my equity deductions and tax accounting?
  • How do these decisions we make impact my company’s accounting in general?

Attendees came prepared to share their burning questions and let us know beforehand the topics that are of interest to them.

Presented by:
Christina Kozachek, Deloitte Tax LLP
Christina MacLeod, Deloitte Tax LLP
Amy Reina, Deloitte Tax LLP
George Sommer, Deloitte Tax LLP

PRESENTATION: Your Burning Questions Answered – Tell Us What’s on Your Mind. Global? Tax? Accounting?


Highlights from 27 June 2019

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Financial Wellness: What Your Employees Need Now
What does financial wellness mean to you? Why is there such a focus on financial wellness right now? Are standalone programs doing enough for employees? Where does equity fit?

Attendees joined GEO chapter leaders and other issuers for a discussion forum on this important topic. Whether you’ve got an established financial wellness program, are considering implementing one or your company has decided not to, we want to hear from you. Let’s get to the heart of the matter to help individuals, your employees, navigate their financial journey. Life happens. Your company has invested in its people, you can help your employees make the most of their plans. Come to this forum (and bring a friend) to meet local professionals, to share your experiences, ask questions and to learn techniques for improving financial wellness and employee engagement.
Facilitated by:
Renee T. Kettelle, CEP
Field VP, Client Relationship Management | Stock Plan Services
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.


Highlights from 23 January 2019

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

2019 “Hot Topics” in Equity Compensation and Keys to Successful Tax Planning
Wouldn’t you like to sail through first quarter with a clear mind and a confident direction? Join a lively conversation with local issuers and industry professionals as they share thoughts on how to cruise through this busy time and focus on tax planning considerations, participant communication and the post vest experience. Take a break from the year end activities to refresh and recharge with other Boston area equity professionals at our first GEO Boston Chapter meeting for 2019.
Presented by:
Jeremy Boraks, Vice President, Equity Compensation Managing Director, Fidelity Investments
Robert Williams, Senior Manager, KPMG LLP
Christine Wood, Director, Executive Compensation, Iron Mountain


Highlights from 23 October 2018

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

It’s 5 o’clock, Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?
In an increasingly global environment, companies are challenged with keeping up with the latest legislation and trends globally. Are you ready for French withholding? Have you kept up with the latest developments in Belgium? This session will provide not only recent global equity technical updates but also provide insight into global and domestic trends we are seeing with mobile employee equity compliance when managing a global workforce. Not only have tax and regulatory authorities become more scrutinizing of equity awards generally, they have increased focus on taxing equity awards considered partially earned in their jurisdictions. Despite the heightened scrutiny, many companies are still trying to determine approaches to compliance due to budget constraints and the administrative burden of identifying and tracking mobile employees.

Discussion topics included:

  • Current global equity legislative updates
  • Current global compliance trends
  • Coordination and collaboration among stakeholders with the organization
  • Tax rules around sourcing of income for mobile employees and remittance of withholding
  • Practical approaches to risk and cost management
Presented by:
Linda Clifford, IGT
Amy Flynn, Deloitte Tax LLP
Noopur Iyer, Akamai Technologies
Amy Reina, Deloitte Tax LLP

CEP and CPE:
Credit Hours: 1.0
Field of Study: Taxes
Level: I, II, III

PRESENTATION: It's 5 o'clock, Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?



Highlights from 21 June 2018

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

US Tax Reform (PwC)
Are you aware of how recent tax law changes might impact your company’s equity programs?

Sails up! The course is charted. Now what do you and your organization need to do? Explore the new legislation: the tax implications for employees and employers, and plan design considerations. Lessons learned in the first half of 2018 to help you avoid some rough waters later in the year.
Presented by:
Karen Hrynyszyn, Ironwood Pharma
Sharmon Priaulx, Managing Director, PwC

Impact of US Tax Reform on Employee Compensation and Benefits Programs


Highlights from 30 November 2017

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! Be Ready With Year-End Planning
Make a list and check it twice,
Year-end is near, don’t let it be a vice.
Being prepared is not hard to do
Just gather the team, provide lots of food.
Calendar the items that need to be addressed
Share the responsibility, so you can be your holiday best.
We’ll cover the tasks you need to remember
To ensure a swift close for the end of December.

Topics included:

  • Disposition surveys
  • Last minutes lapses
  • Fiscal year end reporting
  • Tax rate review and YTD resets
  • Forms 3921, 3922, 1099 and W-2
  • Employee communications and education review
  • Tax updates – what may be coming with proposed legislation!

Presented by:
Cheri Gargalianos, Acacia Communications Inc.
Kelly Guterl, EY
Eddie Pelatti, Fidelity Stock Plan Services

3, 2, 1... Happy New Year! Be Ready With Year-End Planning


Highlights from 27 July 2017

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Two-stepping with T+2 - From the Equity Manager's View
Join us for a lively discussion on a bit of history behind T+2 settlement (transaction date plus 2 days), gain an understanding of what's coming effective September 5th and how U.S. registrants need to prepare for the accelerated settlement of stock plan transactions.
Presented by:
Michael Bussa, Partner, KPMG LLP
Renee Trotta, CEP, Senior Relationship Manager, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

CEP and CPE:
Credit Hours: 1.0
Field of Study: Administrative Practice
Level: II, III

T+2 - From the Equity Manager's View


Highlights from 26 January 2017

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Equity Tips for Kicking off 2017
Do you feel like Q1 tends to be the most stressful, challenging quarter in stock plan administration? Congratulations, you are not alone! Our seasoned panel of stock plan veterans are here to highlight and discuss some hot equity tips to help you and your company get ahead in 2017. Join Dan Mullen of E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Jocelyn Finn of Progress Software, and Karen Hrynyszyn of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals for this engaging and enlightening panel discussion.
Presented by:
Jocelyn Finn, Global Equity Administration, Progress Software
Karen Hrynyszyn, Sr. Stock Plan Manager, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals
Dan Mullen, Relationship Manager, E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc.

Field of Study: Personnel/HR
Level: I, II, III


Highlights from 15 September 2016

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Hot Topics in Global Equity
Join Amy Reina from Deloitte and Kevin Kirby from TripAdvisor to discuss hot topics in global equity - from tax issues to plan administration.
Presented by:
Kevin Kirby, TripAdvisor
Amy Reina, Deloitte


Highlights from 14 January 2016

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Hot Topics for 2016
The New Year starts with a bang and stock compensation professionals are gearing up for an exciting 2016. This fast paced session is designed to set you on the right track by providing laser focused content on five things that are sure to be in the mix this year, including the new Equity Plan Scorecard, why holding restrictions may be the new norm, gearing up for Pay for Performance disclosures, how to get the most out of your ESPP, and what to expect from Performance Awards. Join Emily Cervino from Fidelity Stock Plan Services and Terry Adamson from Radford, An Aon Hewitt Company for a New Year's celebration of equity hot topics.
Presented by:
Terry Adamson, Partner, Radford, an Aon Hewitt Company
Emily Cervino, Vice President, Fidelity Stock Plan Services

5 Things You Need to Know for 2016


Highlights from 9 December 2015

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

2015 Year End Planning and Celebration
With year-end upon us, it was time to think through those equity administration check lists and line up the items to close out, check off, and complete! We helped attendees compile a comprehensive list of year-end to dos, including help for some of participants' stickiest year-end equity related questions.

Attendees joined us after the presentation for a Holiday Celebration at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza!

Year End Planning
Year-End Financial And Tax Planning for Employees In 2015


Highlights from 24 September 2015

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Performance Grants Take Center Stage
A significant source of compensation for many senior executives, the popularity of performance awards is increasing. As they are fairly complex instruments to administer and for employees to understand, the fundamentals and flavors of performance grants will be reviewed. Attend this workshop and you will leave with key design considerations, an understanding of the technical requirements, education strategies and practical tips to help you manage common administrative challenges.
Presented by:
Terry Adamson, Radford, an Aon Hewitt Company
Art Meyers, Choate, Hall & Stewart
Renee Trotta, Charles Schwab


Highlights from Highlights from 27 March 2015

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

The Role of Employee Stock Purchase Plans
The humble ESPP is today enjoying a resurgence as a cost-effective, share-efficient, all-inclusive way to extend equity compensation on a broad basis. This discussion will feature ESPP plan design trends and participation analysis from Fidelity Investments and Aon Radford, and explores how and why ESPPs fit into the equity compensation picture. In addition, PAREXEL and Hologic will chronicle their experience with ESPPs including what they’ve done to increase participation and changes they might be considering to boost participation even higher.
Presented by:
Lynn Cullen, CEP, Fidelity Stock Plan Services
Laura Gallerane, Senior Stock Plan Administrator, Hologic Inc.
LeeAnn Gauthier, CEP, Senior Stock Plan Analyst, PAREXEL International


Highlights from 24 October 2014

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Evolving Grant Strategies
Ever wondered if you could successfully overhaul your equity granting strategy? Please join us to hear about how Boston-based Iron Mountain did just that.

Gene Baker of Iron Mountain will provide a data-driven review of how he has led his organization to its current equity philosophy by covering the history of their granting strategy and some of the key metrics he’s utilizing to set goals for future grants. To help provide context to the Iron Mountain story, Fidelity will also provide data in two key areas:

  • Equity granting trends from Fidelity’s client base – not only will Iron Mountain’s data be highlighted but Fidelity has benchmarked this data against the rest of its client base – across a variety of peer groups including company size, company industry, and geography.

  • Fidelity has also mined its extensive stock plan database to uncover information about employee behavior post vest – do they hold? Do they sell? Mix it up? This analysis will explore employee selling behavior, including differences in US employees versus OUS employees. Better then survey data, Fidelity’s review is based on actual hard data taken from its recordkeeping system.

Presented by:
Gene Baker, Iron Mountain
Rich Lyman, Fidelity Stock Plan Service


Highlights from 28 March 2014

GEO's Boston and NASPP Boston Global Tour

Global Tour
Attendees joined the GEO Boston Chapter and the NASPP on a global tour, as they discussed the logistics and challenges of administering equity plans for a globally mobile population. Rob Melz, VP Mobility at State Street Corporation; Christopher C. Hall, Global Tax Network; and, Jewon Wee, Independent Stock Plan Advisors shared tips and tricks on how to set up a process for capturing and applying tax rates for global equity participants, and to how keep it all current in the midst of a constantly shifting regulatory environment.


Highlights from 7 May 2013

GEO's Boston Chapter Meeting

Global Equity Updates
Presented by:
Sandy Shurin, Deloitte Tax
Jewon Wee, ISPAdvisors

Global Equity Update
Global Rewards Update

Joyce Chen of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe led a discussion regarding SAFE filings under the current Circular 7 vs. the prior Circular 78. Kim Malvacini, Manager of Global Equity Plans at Alexion Pharmaceuticals shared Alexion’s recent experience in its first SAFE filing. Kim was joined by Keith Bilezerian, Sr. Corp. & Benefits Counsel at Covidien who shared some of Covidien’s experiences.
Presented by:
Keith Bilezerian, Sr. Corp. & Benefits Counsel, Covidien
Joyce Chen, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
Kim Malvacini, Manager of Global Equity Plans, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

China SAFE

Amy Reina of Deloitte Tax led a discussion regarding the escalating taxes in France and her experience as to what companies may be thinking in terms of whether they plan to continue offering qualified equity plans in France (or are entertaining alternatives). We invited issuers attending to share their perspectives on the offering of equity in France, as well.
Presented by:
Amy Reina, Deloitte Tax

Update on France - Recent Tax Law Changes



09 June 2022
12:00pm - 1:15pm


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