GEO's 21st Annual Conference


GEO's Update on Nashville 2020 and Response to COVID-19


Latest Update:
03 June 2020


GEO's 21st Annual Conference Goes Virtual


Global Equity Organization (GEO), in close collaboration with our GEO community and industry stakeholders, is excited to announce today that the 21st Annual Conference, scheduled to be held 12-15 August 2020, in Nashville, will transition to an exclusively virtual online event running from mid-September through October 2020.

While this decision was difficult, given the number of unknown factors related to COVID-19, along with GEO Annual Conference attendees coming from all around the globe, we collectively decided that shifting the face-to-face meeting to a virtual experience was the safe and responsible action.

As we move this year's Annual Conference completely online, we look forward to offering the same industry-leading, global share plans education, and networking experience that has become the staple of our organization, reimagined for the online experience. We are committed to delivering a unique opportunity that allows you to walk away with knowledge you can immediately use as well as multiple opportunities to connect with industry leaders from around the globe in a format where you can enjoy:

  • A cutting-edge virtual experience through moderated chats, Q&A sessions, and live polling.
  • Information, insights, case studies and resources that only GEO's global community of professionals can provide.
  • Live connections and conversation with members and key industry stakeholders in an interactive and engaging way.
  • The ability to reposition your career to lead in a time of transition, and to learn how other professionals like you are navigating industry changes.

We are also pleased to announce that the GEO community will still have the opportunity to experience all "Music City" has to offer when we go to Nashville for GEO's 22nd Annual Conference, 09-12 August 2021! Mark your calendars and make your plans to join us in 2021 now!

Stay tuned for additional information on both #GEOvirtual2020 and our 22nd Annual Conference coming shortly. In the meantime, we have drafted an FAQ that provides answers to critical questions and information on how to best amend your plans.

We look forward to welcoming you to #GEOvirtual2020 and hope you will plan to join us in celebration of our collective resilience and dedication to coming together to forge connections, and support each other, #beyondalllimits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has GEO’s 21st Annual Conference scheduled for 12-15 August 2020 in Nashville, been cancelled?
GEO’s face-to-face Annual Conference, previously scheduled for 12-15 August 2020, has been moved to an exclusively online, virtual event.
What is the timing and schedule for GEOvirtual 2020?
GEOvirtual 2020 will run weekly, starting mid-September through October 2020. More information will be available shortly.
I was already registered for the Annual Conference in Nashville 12-15 August 2020; what do I need to do to attend GEOvirtual 2020?
As a current registrant for GEO Nashville 2020, you can roll over your registration to GEOvirtual 2020. We are offering three options for our paid registrants:
  1. Keep your current registration: Registrants who wish to maintain their current registration receive the BEST VALUE. Leave your registration as is and receive:
    • The entire GEOvirtual 2020 event, including the on-demand recordings and
    • Complimentary registration to GEO’s 22nd Annual Conference in Nashville, 09-12 August 2021.
  2. If you cannot attend GEO’s 22nd Annual Conference, 09-12 August 2021, in Nashville, but would like to attend GEOvirtual 2020, you may pay the registration fee for GEOvirtual 2020 and place the remainder of your previously paid registration dollars on account with GEO for use at any of GEO’s 2021 or 2022 events. Attendees who select this option will receive a 25% discount off GEOvirtual 2020 pricing in effect at the time of registration.
  3. Receive a full refund if you cancel your registration by 30 June 2020.
I was already registered for the August event, and would like to attend GEOvirtual 2020 and GEO's 22nd Annual Conference, do I need to re-register?
If you were previously registered and paid for the August Conference and wish to join us for GEOvirtual 2020 and GEO's 22nd Annual Conference, you do not need to take further action. You will receive a revised registration confirmation with the new dates.
If you were previously registered for the August Conference in conjunction with your firm’s sponsorship package, GEO will be working with your firm’s marketing team to confirm whether you will be attending GEOvirtual2020. If your attendance is confirmed, your firm will provide registration instructions.
I am not registered for the Conference yet, but I would like to attend GEOvirtual 2020. How do I register and what will it cost?
Registration for GEOvirtual 2020 will be opening shortly. Further information on timing and cost will be available next week.
Will GEO’s 22nd Annual Conference in 2021 be in Nashville? Will it be at the same location?

GEO’s 22nd Annual Conference will be hosted at the Nashville Renaissance, 09-12 August 2021. Information regarding registration and hotel will be available shortly. Individuals opting to register for GEO’s 22nd Annual Conference before 30 June will receive complimentary registration to GEOvirtual 2020. For further assistance, contact us at

Do I need to cancel my hotel reservation?
If you previously booked hotel reservations at the Nashville Renaissance for August 2020, it is not necessary to cancel your reservation, the hotel will automatically cancel it for you. You will not encounter any penalty for the cancellation and will be returned any deposit you may have made.
How do I cancel my airline reservation?
Many airlines have applied generous policies to allow for changes due to Coronavirus. We recommend checking with your airline carrier and request a waiver of change fees. Ensure you mention your change is the result of a Conference cancellation.
I don’t care to attend GEOvirtual 2020. Can I get a refund on my registration fee?
If you have previously registered for the conference and you do not wish to join us via the virtual event, please contact us at to process your cancellation. Reservations cancelled before 30 June 2020 will receive a full refund.
I previously cancelled my registration but now I’d like to come. How do I register, and can I receive credit toward my registration for my cancellation fee?
Please contact us at to register for GEOvirtual 2020. We will be happy to apply any previously charged cancellation fees as a credit toward your new registration.
I previously cancelled my registration and was ineligible to receive a refund or only received a partial refund. Am I now eligible for a full refund?
If you have previously cancelled your registration for the conference and received a partial refund or were ineligible for a refund, please contact us at for further information. GEO’s August 2020 Conference cancellation provisions will apply.

If you have further questions, we are here to help! Please contact us at or +1-714-630-2908.

GEO - We're Here For You


Dear Global Equity Organization (GEO) Community,

On behalf of the GEO team, our Board of Directors, and volunteers, we hope that all of you are keeping safe and staying healthy. We recognize our members are adjusting to a new normal, both professionally and personally. GEO wants to assure you that we remain committed to serving you during these challenging times.

GEO understands that in the complicated environment we're living in right now, it's critical that we keep pace with news and current events. We want to help our members make sense of this uncertainty so we encourage you to leverage some of GEO's existing and new programs that can be helpful to you at this time:

  • Utilize GEO's COVID-19 Resources - Access this specially curated selection of resources to answer critical questions that matter to your organization and people. This includes timely, detailed, and trustworthy information to help you think quickly and move fast.
  • Listen to a replay of our April 2nd Webcast, "What's Top on Your Mind in These Changing Times" - The first in our series of three webcasts which will focus on the current environment, challenges professionals are facing, and tips from top global experts for navigating these difficult times.
  • Listen to a replay of our April 28th Webcast, "COVID-19: Impact on Mobility and Taxes" - The second in our series of three webcasts which will focus on the current environment, challenges professionals are facing, and tips from top global experts for navigating these difficult times.
  • Participate in GEOconnect, Get Your Email Digest Daily to Stay on Top of What Matters - GEO's private online community always includes thoughtful discussions and answers to your most pressing questions. Be sure to change your preferences to "daily digest" so you receive the latest information on a daily basis.
  • Visit GEOLearn, GEO's Newest Collection of Online Learning Resources - GEOLearn provides easily accessible, curated content including our newest addition, Global Share Plans Bootcamp, the perfect training option for your newest team members.
  • Transition Membership Options - For individuals in our community that find themselves in a career transition, we are pleased to offer flexible membership terms to keep you in contact with your network and up to date with important industry developments. Contact us for additional information.

As always, GEO will keep pace with industry changes and will provide our members with new resources as they become available. Our hearts go out to all the people around the world affected by the Coronavirus.

With warm regards,
Danyle Anderson
Executive Director