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We are pleased to present the ebook editions of GEOnomics: a Journal of Equity Plan Leadership and the GEO Glossary of Terms.

Initially launched in 2009, GEOnomics serves as a forum for GEO members and industry experts to opine on matters important to the field of global employee share plan management. Each year GEOnomics provides information from thought-leaders across our field on topics ranging from equity plan research to communications to regulations. GEOnomics belongs to the members of the Global Equity Organization and we welcome each and every one of you to participate. If you are interested in submitting an article please e-mail GEOinfo@globalequity.org.

GEO's Glossary of Terms
Compiling a complete list of terms and their definitions is difficult for any group – but for GEO, this has been large task. We are particularly grateful to Jim Hauser, Peter Howells, Carine Schneider, Kathy-Ann Bryan, Vanessa Snow, Christian Celin, and John Bagdonas for all their help with edition one of GEO’s International Glossary of Terms. The very idea of this glossary was borne of a conversation at the 2003 Annual Conference when several members began discussing the need for understanding the terms, jargon and definitions commonly used by practitioners around the world. The Glossary of Terms as been a well visited web page on the GEO site and we are pleased to provide an electronic eBook edition.  This glossary is only as good as the submissions. GEO does not attempt to verify that each definition is correct – and therefore, must recommend that readers confirm any tax or legal information with their providers. If you do find missing terms or wish to clarify a definition, we encourage you to visit the online glossary at www.globalequity.org and submit any corrections, additional terms or definitions.



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