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GEO's Board of Directors and the Election Process

The 2021 Board of Directors election is currently underway. Please visit 2021 Board of Directors Election Voting for further information on this year's candidates and to place your vote. In order to vote in this year's election, individuals must be a member of GEO as of 31 May 2021.

GEO's Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight and governance of GEO as well as ensuring that the necessary resources are in place to provide for the longevity of the organization. The Board consists solely of volunteer members and is open to representatives from all membership constituencies (corporate issuers, service providers, advisors, academia and government representatives). GEO is fortunate that our board members are some of the most accomplished professionals in the global employee share plan and executive compensation communities. Any member interested in becoming a Board Member is eligible and encouraged to run. However, no more than two (2) elected individuals on the Board of Directors can represent the same organization as long as these individuals have their primary workplace in different continents at the time of their election. This limitation is exclusive of Board Member's serving in appointed positions, as well as in the role of co-Chair of any of GEO's Advisory Councils. Elected and appointed directors will assume their positions on 1 July of each year.

GEO Board of Director Elections - Nominations Open
GEO Board of Director Elections Delay FAQs





Visit our Board of Directors page for further information on the current members of the GEO Board of Directors.

Elections for the GEO Board

All GEO members of record on 31 May of the election year are eligible to vote via the GEO website.

In accordance with the bylaws of the Global Equity Organization, elections are governed by the following rules:

  • The maximum number of voters from any single firm is limited to 30. Votes cast by employees of a single firm beyond the first thirty employees will not be counted.
  • Each GEO member will be allowed six votes in an election period. (You cannot place multiple votes for one candidate.
  • All members who wish to vote in this election will need their GEO username and password (your email address is typically your username). This information will be used to verify your identity as well as the fact that you are currently an active member of GEO. This information will also preclude anyone from submitting more than one ballot. You must be a member of GEO on 31 May of the election year in order to place your votes.




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