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EASi Launches Online Customer Service Tools:
Extends Service Hours and Capabilities

5 March 2008 Source: EASi
Contact: Amy Damianakes EASi (925) 937-4561

Pleasanton, CA – March 4, 2008 –Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. (EASi), today announced new tools and changes that enhance its customer service processes and responsiveness.

EASi launched an online tool that lets customers submit and track progress on service cases. The company also embedded a help link in its flagship software application that provides relevant information and documentation from within the application. EASi is integrating customer impacting processes and technology across the entire business to better support its more than 300 customers.

EASi follows a systematic case resolution process to rapidly categorize the nature of the case as an enhancement request, bug, data issue or training issue. Customers can go online to check status of a case and submit input or attachments to help EASi troubleshoot or replicate the problem. EASi is committed to identifying the nature of a case and providing a meaningful customer response within 48 hours.

“Our customers see what we see in our case database and we get flagged if they make any changes to a ticket,” explains Steve Madeira, EASi’s Vice President of Operations in charge of Customer Support. To improve responsiveness, as of March 1, EASi now provides dedicated U.S.-based email and telephone customer support Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

“We are building customer service responsiveness into the fabric of our corporate culture and giving customers access to our tools to empower them and keep them informed,” adds Mark Ebersole, EASi’s President and Chief Technology Officer. “Many customers don’t like to depend on third parties to run reports or upload sensitive stock option data so we provide direct access to our Importer for efficient and accurate loading of participant and transaction information.” Ebersole said that EASi is also developing extensive documentation of its implementation process to help new customers transition smoothly to using EASi as their stock option expensing software.

Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. sells industrial strength stock plan expensing software designed to handle the accounting, tax and administration needs of companies that grant equity awards. Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, EASi is setting the new standard by delivering the most complete FAS123R solution available; addressing valuation, expensing, tax, dilution and disclosure.

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