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E*Trade Launches Equity Edge 8!

5 February 2009
Source: E*Trade

We are excited to announce the launch of Equity Edge 8 - a cutting-edge upgrade designed to help you manage your company's stock plan with even greater ease and flexibility. Equity Edge 8, with end-to-end support for Performance Awards, provides support for all equity vehicles, reinforcing our commitment to provide high value solutions supporting your unique stock plans. Visit our site at to learn more about the detailed benefits and features and upgrade to Equity Edge 8 today.

Flexible, End-to-End Support for Performance Awards
Manage your performance plan with easy administration, accounting, reporting, and full participant site integration.

Enhanced FAS 123(R) Accounting Support
Choose your preferred method for the true-up of forfeitures, and take advantage of built-in FAS 123(R) automated intelligence.

Advanced Mobility Tracking for All Awards

Track participant movement from state to state—and worldwide—with consolidated release taxable gain figures by location.

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