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Global Mobility Handbook 2010 Edition Special Edition in support of the important work of the International Organization of Employers

About the International Organization of Employers (“IOE”)

Headquartered in Geneva, the International Organization of Employers (“IOE”/”OIE”), is long recognized as the only organization at the international level that represents the interests of business in the labour and related social policy fields. Today, it consists of 147 national employer organizations from 140 countries from around the globe.

The mission of the IOE is to promote and defend the interests of employers in international fora, particularly in the International Labour Organization (“ILO”), the oldest United Nations body, and to this end works to ensure that international labour and social policy promotes the viability of enterprises and creates an environment favourable to enterprise development and job creation. At the same time it acts as the Secretariat to the Employers’ Group at the ILO International Labour Conference, the ILO Governing Body and all other ILO-related meetings.

The IOE is the permanent liaison body for the exchange of information, views and experience among employers throughout the world. It acts as the recognized channel for the communication and promotion of the employer point of view on labour and related social policy issues, to all United Nations agencies and other international organizations.


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