Search Tips:

The Search Function here on the GEO web site will allow you to input one or more keywords along with the necessary boolean operators (and, or, not) to narrow your search parameters. The results will be shown as a list of links to specific pages in the site.

At its simplest, a search query can be just a word. But with the tips on this page, you can refine your search to give you more complete results.

Look for two or more words at once by using the AND operator.
Example: Type equity AND compensation to find documents that have both the word equity and the word compensation anywhere.


Look for synonyms or similar words by using the OR operator. Note that if you don't use the OR operator and search using multiple words, the words are treated as a phrase.
Example: Type dogs OR puppies to find the word dogs or the word puppies, but not necessarily both.


Limit your search by using the AND NOT operator to exclude words.
Example: Type surfing AND NOT the Internet to find all instances of surfing, as long as surfing is not followed by the phrase the Internet.

Site Map

Use the Site Map to get an overview of the entire site's layout. Clicking on the links on the right side of the Site Map will take you directly to the Content Level.

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