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UBS Wealth Management Americas today announced the delivery of a number of enhancements for their equity compensation plan services business. 


The initial phase includes the following enhancements, which are now available:

IFRS Reporting – Assists US multinational companies with non-US subsidiary reporting requirements and lays the foundation for all US companies to meet their future reporting obligations under IFRS. Features include:


§  Ability to calculate and store fair value and expense amortization schedules for awards separately from FAS123r fair value and amortization schedule

§  Functionality to generate Expense, EPS and Disclosure reports to support the IFRS reporting process

§  Flexibility to allow "all grants" or only "selected grants" to be valued under IFRS vs FAS 123r


Retirement Eligibility – Automates the process for tracking and collecting taxes at retirement eligibility, but prior to vesting. Features include:


§  Tracking at either the participant or grant level to accommodate plan specific terms

§  Processing and recording taxable events for restricted stock related grants

§  Supporting flexible participant tax payment methods

§  Viewing of participant information on corporate client websites


International Electronic Share Transfer – Provides participants with the online convenience of requesting share transfers across financial institutions around the globe.


“UBS is committed to continually developing its platform and providing industry leading equity compensation services to its corporate clients and participants in an ever-changing industry.” said Jim Hausmann, Managing Director, and Head of Corporate, Institutional and Middle Markets.  “We look forward to the continued execution of our strategy to further assist corporate clients and help participants in recognizing the true value of their equity compensation awards." 

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