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EASi Service Pack Delivers Greater Flexibility to 700 Customers Worldwide

Dynamic Recalculation for ISO $100k Rule Demonstrates Commitment to Simplify Stock Plan Management for Customers 

Pleasanton, CA – June 1, 2011 –Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. (EASi), the broker-independent SaaS company with the leading stock plan management solution, today announced the release of its third service pack for the year which addresses ISO $100k rule scenarios and supports multiple interpretations for the grant date Fair Market Value for restricted based awards. 

These changes deliver greater flexibility and stability for EASi’s extensive automated plan processing parameters. “With the complexity of plan rules and regulatory requirements, customers occasionally ask us to address nuances that apply to their interpretation of the rules and their specific data requirements,” explains Steve Madeira , VP of Operations at EASi. “We use the service pack process to make these kinds of enhancements.” 

One area where EASi provides extensive automated support is for the Incentive Stock Option $100,000 limit rule under I.R.C. 422(b). EASi allows the dynamic calculation of the over-limit split into an incentive stock option grant, up to the maximum allowable shares, and a linked nonqualified stock option grant for the remainder of the granted shares. The system can dynamically recalculate the ISO / NQSO split if there are modifications to the Incentive Stock Option grant’s vesting schedule or granted shares. This automated recalculation now provides better support where the split-off nonqualified grant is no longer necessary and is recalculated to zero shares. 

EASi also supports even more Fair Market Value-Rule flexibility for restricted-based awards with the ability to either import a specific award-date FMV for historical awards or use the plan-level Restricted Award Grant Date FMV rule for the system to populate a new award’s FMV. EASi has the ability to define FMV rules by grant type and transaction type allowing a comprehensive suite of automated processing scenarios. 

This service pack also addressed other items raised via our online case management process. “There is no such thing as flawless software, especially when you continue to innovate,” said Carine Schneider, CEO of EASi. “What’s key is our commitment to take care of customers by listening and using the Service Pack release process as a way to demonstrate they’ve been heard.” 


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