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Equiniti launches online employee share portal



The Equiniti Group has launched a new platform to enable employees to access and manage their share plans online.

The ESP portal, which can be employer branded, allows employees to view their holdings, access their plan information and transact and sell shares.

Employees can log on to the portal through a link on their employer’s intranet without having to enter a separate user ID and password.

Phil Ainsley, director of employee benefits at Equiniti, said: “The ESP portal has been developed through close consultation with our clients and their employees, and has been tested every step of the way.

“Share plans can be daunting, even for the financially astute. The simplicity of the ESP portal means that employees feel in control and they know where to go to find the information they need about their share plans.

“It is designed to cover the whole lifespan of an employee’s participation with their plan, ultimately resulting in increased employee engagement and loyalty, which helps our clients deliver a benefit that’s really valued by their employees.”


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