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How Much Are Your Stock Options Worth?


9.3 million Americans -- 23.8% of all employees at companies with stock -- hold stock options. And the value of their stock options has skyrocketed since 2006, from 23% to 48% of their annual salary.(1) Yet most employees do not understand what their options are worth.

Now, everyone can track their stock option value using Personal Capital's free service:

        --  Private and Public Companies. Automatically re-prices options on
            listed stocks.
        --  Multiple Grants. Tracks grant dates, exercise prices and vesting
        --  Vested and Unvested Options. Shows historical, current and projected
        --  What-If Scenarios. Calculates your value at future dates and
            hypothetical prices.
        --  Graphic Visualization. Displays colorful charts for instant analysis.

"If you own stock options, it's vital to understand what they are -- and could be -- worth," said Bill Harris, CEO of Personal Capital. "Even more important, is to understand your entire financial picture, including your stock options. That's where we come in.

Personal Capital automatically tracks your entire net worth, including all your bank, brokerage and credit card accounts. And we help make sense of it all, with stock option tracking, portfolio analysis, investment checkup and more -- all free on the Web and on our new iPad app."

Stock option tracking is a benefit to employers as well as employees. Studies show increased involvement in work-level decisions among employees with stock options.(1) "As a past and present CEO of tech companies, I believe in stock options as a motivation tool. So I want every employee to understand the value -- and potential value -- of their options," said Harris. "If they don't, we're wasting equity -- our most precious asset."





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