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EASi Celebrates Tenth Anniversary on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange 2

Pleasanton, CA – November 19, 2012 –Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. (EASi), the largest independent stock plan software technology company in the world, will celebrate its tenth anniversary on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and at San Francisco’s Waterfront Restaurant.  EASi has seen tremendous growth, with over 800 companies worldwide utilizing the EASi system, and was recently included in the Deloitte 500 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in North America. EASi was founded in December, 2002 by a number of founders who remain active in the business today.   Strong growth has remained stable even through the great recession of 2008, enabling EASi to increase its workforce and provide enhanced solutions to its growing client base. 

EASi’s celebrations will be held the week of November 26th, hosting clients, partners, employees and shareholders on the NYSE’s trading floor and at the Waterfront Restaurant’s stunning view overlooking the San Francisco Bay.  Guests will join the EASi team for drinks, appetizers and networking. 

“EASi has come a long way since our beginnings in 2002,“ said EASi founder, former CEO and current board member Vito Palmieri.  “The company has weathered economic challenges, growing pains, and industry changes.  We have seen our competitors come and go. There is a tremendous sense of achievement as we enter our tenth year and I look forward to celebrating with our clients, employees and supporters.”  

Adds Carine Schneider, EASi’s Chief Executive Officer, “I am delighted to lead the EASi team during this significant milestone. EASi has a track record of hiring talent that continues to drive results and look for ways to challenge the industry.  I am looking forward to the direction EASi will take during the next decade.” 

The venues were selected for their significance to EASi’s growth over the last ten years.  The NYSE is a valued EASi partner with 36 percent of EASi’s multinational public companies headquartered all over the world currently trading on the NYSE.  The Waterfront Restaurant overlooks the San Francisco Bay, across from Pleasanton, California where EASi got its start.


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