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Fidelity® Simplifies Global Stock Plan Administration


New Tools Help Employers with Reporting and Mobility in Multiple Countries 

BOSTON, December 10, 201 – Fidelity Investments® announced today the launch of a comprehensive plan sponsor website, Global Solutions, that will assist companies in managing employee stock plans in multiple countries. 

With Fidelity’s Global Solutions, which consolidates all of Fidelity’s global stock plan services into one robust site, plan sponsors can find information about managing global stock plan requirements (e.g. mandatory cash sweeps1); completing plan administration and reporting (e.g. long-share reporting2); tax and regulatory support; participant support (e.g. making transaction proceeds available in 130 currencies) and multilingual support (e.g. participant website in 11 languages, including the newly added Malay, Thai and Vietnamese). 

Fidelity’s industry leading stock plan enhancements come at a time when an increasing number of corporations in the United States report they have employees operating in other nations and are growing their non-US workforces significantly faster than their US workforces.3 Fidelity provides administrative services for stock plans in more than 150 countries. 

“As today’s workforces become increasingly mobile and employees more frequently relocate to locations across the globe, we recognize at Fidelity that plan sponsors need help tracking what may seem at times a bewildering array of tax and regulatory requirements, said Kevin Barry, Fidelity executive vice president. 

“We have invested heavily in industry- leading tools to help ensure that our plan sponsors around the world have the best experience for themselves and their participants,” Barry said. 

Global Solutions Offers Multiple Support Services 

On the Global Solutions site, employers have access to numerous new support services. They include the following: 

  •  Restricted stock sell-to-cover provides flexibility for tax withholding, allowing a participant-level sale of shares to cover tax withholding for restricted stock and performance awards 

  •  Enhanced tax lot detail helps participants better understand the value of their holdings by including the source of shares and grants 

  •  The global tax guide provides plan sponsors an explanation of the taxation of equity awards in more than 30 countries, including income sourcing and residency rules for employees who move between tax jurisdictions 

  • Enhanced mobility tracking provides plan sponsors with an updatable location history and the flexibility to report on nine mobility tracking fields

Fidelity is a leading provider of stock plan administration services in the United States. It services 250 employers globally, representing $125 billion in grant value.4 

  • 1 When an employer is required to move proceeds from one country to another for distribution to the participant 

  • 2 An automated report required in certain countries to display all long shares held by global participants who may be subject to different holding periods depending on the country in which they reside 

  • 3 From 1999 to 2010, U.S. multi-national companies increased employment from 31.9 million to 34 million and within these numbers, non-U.S. employees increased to 11 million from 7.9 million, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, April 18, 2012: Summary Estimates for Multinational Companies 

  • 4 All information in this paragraph is Fidelity data.  


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