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Congratulations to Synopsys, Recipient of The 2013   GEO Award for “Best Use of Technology” Based on The Tremendous Success of The SOS Stock Plan Participant Portal!


The Scoop

“One of the very first things I did at Synopsys was work on mailing US tax packages. It took no more than half an hour to realize there had to be a better way than the incredibly complex hand-matching required to assemble the packages correctly. For years I dreamed of a technological solution but the only products available were expensive custom-built applications, not an option for a small company like mine.

As we continued to grow, I kept my dream alive, hoping that someday I would find an off-the-shelf application that could efficiently manage distribution of US tax packages. In 2010 I began an active search for a solution. SOS offered the opportunity to work with them to design something that would make tax information available online for a cost I could afford. When my team sat down to scope out the features we would like, a giant light bulb went on over our collective heads when we realized we could also use the application to provide online copies of Confirmations of Purchase, Release, and Exercise and to manage online distribution of Forms 3921 and 3922. A useful product suddenly became much more valuable and far more cost-effective since it could be used to provide additional services, reaching a larger group of employees.

Familiar with many ways in which users might lead themselves astray while looking for information, we worked closely with SOS to make the application as bullet-proof as possible. We rolled the system out in January, offering our US employees access to prior-calendar-year tax packages and 6039 forms. Soon after, we expanded its use to include all types of Confirmations for employees worldwide. Employees quickly learned that if they wanted any common stock-related records they could find them in our Employee Stock Information portal (we back-filled the application with five years of data before rolling it out), saving us significant time over that previously spent responding to and filling such requests.

The Synopsys stock team is delighted with the results of our collaboration with SOS. We are pleased that the Global Equity Organization has chosen to honor us with a GEO Award this year for the Best Use of Technology for Companies with Less than 10,000 Employees. If it weren’t for SOS’ ability to turn an idea into reality, I’d still be looking for a solution to the original problem. Instead I’ve got a software tool that does far more than I originally thought possible.”

- Stephen Buckhout, Manager of Shareholder Services Synopsys Inc.


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