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Globalshareplans Announces New Mobility Data App: GSP Tracker Pro


SPAIN, 18 September 2013 – GlobalSharePlans (‘GSP’) today announced the launch of the GSP Tracker Pro smartphone application. The new technology allows for the accurate tracking and recording of the location of individuals over a defined time period. The resulting data enables accurate and timely tax reporting; ideal for company share plan managers to administer international share plans for their mobile employees and executives. The application can also be used by the individual for annual tax returns, to calculate whether they have stayed long enough in a country or state to trigger a tax liability, residency issues and/or other purposes.

GSP Tracker Pro has been developed to fulfill a direct requirement to gather and centralize accurate data for the administration of international share plans and the associated complex global withholding tax obligations.

Mike Pewton, Founder and CEO, GlobalSharePlans, said: "We have designed a mobile solution that automatically tracks an employee’s location, offering company plan managers and employees a more accurate and simple way of recording and reporting their whereabouts than has previously been available. The result is simple, cost effective and meets a company’s global mobility needs."

Once downloaded and activated, the GSP Tracker Pro application sits on the employee’s phone or tablet (iOS or Android) recording their location; keeping daily records that can be recalled, emailed or exported, as and when required.

GSP Tracker Pro conveniently tracks country (or US/Canada State) locations via the employee’s smartphone and feeds this information back via the cloud. This information can then be used to calculate any taxes due in the various jurisdictions when share plans vest or the employee exercises a stock option.

“Non‐compliance is not an option for global companies”, added Mike Pewton. “Governments are pushing technology to help them in their efforts to capture tax revenues for the exchequer and companies will need to embrace technology to keep pace with these advances. We feel we have found a way for them to do this”.

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