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UBS Wealth Management Americas Introduces Enhanced Functionality for The Equity Plan Business

As part of its ongoing commitment to service excellence for both plan sponsors and participants, UBS Wealth Management Americas, a division of UBS AG, introduced two new exciting features to its Equity Plan Advisory Services (EPAS) offering: enhanced cash awards functionality and the UBS One Source Mirror.

These enhancements are being launched right on the heels of recent innovative releases, including the Knowledge
Center, an insights-driven employee education portal, plan reporting enhancements and the redesigned Participant
Inquiry tool, which, based on extensive usability studies, was revamped in order to streamline the corporate
administrative platform.

Supporting a critical award type

Cash awards may be paid in either a lump sum payment or based on performance measures such as stock price;
some have time-based vesting schedules or associated performance conditions. Companies issue them to address the
complexities associated with other award types, such as share dilution concerns and country-specific requirements.

"Cash awards are an important part of the compensation issued by companies," said Michael Barry, head of UBS
Equity Plan Advisory Services. "To meet growing demand, EPAS enhanced our functionality from being able to
settle a single cash award transaction in either cash only or stock only, to being able to settle in a mix of both.
We believe UBS is the only major provider that offers this as a core product with flexible delivery functionality."

Making it easier to help participants

UBS also launched the UBS One Source Mirror, an exciting new feature on the online portal for participants that
enables UBS Financial Advisors and company plan administrators to simultaneously view and track what participants
see while they are navigating within UBS One Source. Mirror users may navigate independently throughout the site
at the same time as participants, helping those users guide participants through the precise steps that need to be
followed to, for example, quickly and correctly enter a transaction or locate a statement.

"The feature we believe clients will like the most is the 'Navigate to User' button, which will automatically redirect
them to the very same page that the participant is viewing, giving them the ability to follow the participant in real-time
and better service them overall," said Barry.

The UBS One Source Mirror will streamline the process of aiding participants, saving time and improving efficiency.

EPAS continues to evolve its technology to optimize the client experience. The business is currently developing
additional exciting new features including capabilities allowing participants to view accounts in multiple currencies,
and a tool that will allow plan sponsors to better model and forecast. These enhancements along with several
others are due out later this year.

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