Laure Fabry, KPMG
Ralph Richards, RBC cees
Markus Seppälä, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Radmilla Touchoupe, EY
Gabe Shawn Varges, HCM Hostettler & Company
Fabian Vidal, Givaudan

Eveline Franceschi-Kuhn, Nestlé
Suzanne Voirol, PMI

Michael Sterchi, Seematter & Sterchi Incentive Plans AG

Swiss Romandie


On 25 January 2018, GEO was pleased to host attendees at GEO's Swiss Romandie Chapter Social Reception in Zürich. Thank you to everyone who attended, as well as to our event sponsors for their support.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming activities in the Swiss Romandie region.



Highlights from 25 January 2018

GEO's Swiss Romandie Chapter Social Reception in Zürich

To celebrate the New Year and to discuss new ideas for the coming year, we hosted a social reception in Zürich, where we had time to meet and network, as well as plan for our 2018 activities. Our program started with hors d'oeuvres and drinks followed by an optional dinner.


Highlights from 19 September 2017

GEO's Swiss Romandie Chapter Half-Day Event

Plenum Presentation and Q&A for Providers and Issuers

  • LTI plan transitioning in case of M&A based on the Actelion and Johnson&Johnson example held by Markus Seppäla from Actelion
  • Discussion about how different issuers are drawing participants’ attention to the consequences of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI) moderated by Eveline Eveline Franceschi-Kuhn from Nestlé


Highlights from 13 July 2017

GEO's Swiss Romandie Chapter Webcast

Automatic Exchange of Information: Impact on reporting and administration of employee share plans
In this webinar we gave a general overview of the new rules implemented for the automatic exchange of information (AEol) and a road map of when and how this will be implemented in the various jurisdictions.

For cross boarder employees and especially for international equity plan participants these rules will also have an impact. Based on examples, we highlighted possible impacts and responsibilities you as an employer might have and also discussed questions from participants you might be confronted with.
Presented by:
Moderation Q&A: Eveline Franceschi-Kuhn, Nestlé
Moderator: Michael Sterchi, GEO board member
Presenter: Philipp Zünd, KPMG

View the Webcast (Flash player required).

Highlights from 29 September 2016

GEO's Swiss Romandie Chapter Meeting

Givaudan Activities
The evolution of the plans over the past years at Givaudan.
Presented by:
Fabian Vidal, Givaudan

Communication of LTI Plans
Case studies
Presented by:
Simone Schmitt-Schillig, Unequity GmbH

Communication of LTI Plans
Including a sample communication video and open discussion and sharing the communication of LTIPs experience.
Presented by:
Eveline Franceschi-Kuhn, Nestle
Fabian Vidal, Givaudan
Suzanne Voirol, PMI

GEO Global Conference Update and Outlook
Presented by:
Markus Seppala, Actelion
Michael Sterchi, KPMG


Highlights from 23 June 2016

GEO's Swiss Romandie Chapter Meeting

Demystifying Fair Value and TSR in LTI Plans
The GEO Romandie was delighted to present a webinar aimed at taking the mystery out of the notions of fair value and total shareholder return in long-term incentive plans.

This multi-industry event was introduced by GEO Romandie Board Member, Gabe Shawn Varges, and presented by Stephan Hostettler and Istvan Lajtai of HCM in Zürich and Geneva. They addressed the subject in an interactive session designed for participants to ask questions.
Presented by:
Stephan Hostettler, HCM
Istvan Lajtai, HCM


GEO's Highlights from 8 October 2015

GEO's Swiss Romandie Chapter Meeting

The agenda of our 2nd GEO Romandie Chapter Meeting at PMI in Lausanne covered the following sessions: Insights out of the Swiss AGM season - how companies are dealing with new regulation on executive compensation and how shareholders impact LTI design

  • Welcome by Suzanne Voirol, Philip Morris International
  • Introduction to Philip Morris Equity Plans
  • Equity plans and Swiss reporting – typical challenges, lessons learned from 2013 and 2014
  • Equity plans and Cross Border cases – rules, challenges, sharing experiences
  • Equity plans - Brief update on global news


Highlights from 7 May 2015

GEO's Swiss Romandie Chapter Meeting

HCM study covering 250 listed companies globally, including companies from Switzerland – showing the implications of the data for understanding the relationship between executive compensation and company performance
Presented by:
Gabe Shawn Varges, HCM
Istvan Lajtai, HCM

2015 Swiss AGM Season
Insights out of the Swiss AGM season - how companies are dealing with new regulation on executive compensation and how shareholders impact LTI design.
Presented by:
Britta Schmitt, EY
Justin Szwaja, EY


25 January 2018
17.30 Social Reception

Zürich HB
Bahnhofpl. 15
8001 Zürich

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