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Movie MonIdee 'Branche Winner and Nomination National Success Award 2016

Rotterdam, 17 July 2016 - MonIdee is honored as the winner in the Software data processing branche and has been nominated for the ‘Nationale Business Success Award 2016’. View the live interview with MonIdee co-founder and head of sales and business development, Hans van Tol, here.

According to the Nomination Committee, MonIdee, a Dutch technology company, has developed into a leading organization with very strong positioning. 'Passion, innovation, entrepreneurship, vision and a strong customer focus’ makes this organization outstanding and most deserving of this honor!

MonIdee attributes its success to their exceptional knowledge of the financial industry and the translation of this knowledge into solutions based on solid IT platforms. MonIdee’s service focuses on three areas: Financial participation solutions, management of all types of Employee Reward plans and Compliance solutions. The Nomination Committee of the Nationale Business Success Award Institute recognizes MonIdee as a progressive organization, which is expected to achieve even more successes in the future. ‘Innovation’ is the key word at MonIdee and they continuously work to improve their services to meet the needs of the customer.

Unique service offering

The jury praises in particular its high specialist financial knowledge, packaged in a unique service. 'And with unique we mean unique', says Robert Swan, head of the daily Nomination Committee.

MonIdee was originally created by combining knowledge of financial products with software solutions, with the goal for (financial) institutions to run a legally required and compliant back office. The whole service actually evolved from keenly listening to clients in combination with extremely creative thinking towards customer's questions or problems. MonIdee’s success is clear from the various international awards the company has won.

The company is active throughout Europe, where about 200 international clients with 180,000 participants use their solutions and expertise.
'MonIdee knows how to combine their knowledge of finance and ICT with an innovative approach. This leads to very high scores on customer satisfaction', according to the Nomination Committee. 'Indeed, the winner in this industry!’.

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