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 UBS Introduces New Equity Compensation Platform

UBS Wealth Management USA has introduced a new upgraded UBS One Source platform as part of its plan to develop customised electronic tools for its corporate clients and equity plan participants.

The new platform, designed internally, will provide financial wellness content for enrolled companies.

Further, it will offer new tools for financial modelling and transacting on equity awards for all employees.

The UBS One Source platform features multiple digital tools paired with the company’s financial advisers to offer customised guidance to the clients through preferred delivery channels.

With a user-friendly participant web portal, the platform is said to enable participants to conceptualise the equity compensation granted to them by their employer, learn about the importance of equity compensation and personalise their equity events calendar.

Additionally, participants can use the platform to learn about different award types as well as model transactions to achieve greater clarity before executing order instructions.

Currently, the UBS One Source platform can be availed by more than 800,000 equity plan participants and over 180 corporate clients.

UBS Equity Plan Advisory Services head Michael Barry said: “The enhanced platform’s launch follows a series of technological advancements we’re undertaking at UBS, and highlights our dedication to meeting our clients’ evolving needs, and helping to build deep adviser-client relationships that combine convenience, knowledge and effective planning.”

In 2016, the company formed a partnership with fintech company SigFig to introduce its first digital advice platform UBS Advice Advantage. The platform was rolled out in April this year.

Since then, UBS entered into multiple agreements to strengthen its advisory services portfolio.

Last year, UBS partnered with Solium Capital, a Canadian provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology for equity administration, to create a new corporate equity plan platform dubbed UBS “Plan Admin Pro”.

In the same period, UBS also collaborated with BlackRock Solutions to offer Aladdin Risk for Wealth Management (ARWM) to its advisers.

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