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 A company that came up with a clever solution to startup stock-options just raised $80 million at a near $1 billion valuation

Henry Ward can't stop thinking about a question he was asked by an investor years ago: Why is it that when he wants to buy General Electric stock it's done online in just a couple clicks, but when he invests in two founders in a garage, he gets a paper stock certificate in the mail that takes months to receive?

The backward world of early-stage investment and stock option grants is what Ward, the CEO and co-founder of Carta (known initially as eShares), set out to change in 2012.

Today, Carta provides not only provides electronic securities for employees and investors, but a host of equity management products for private, venture-backed companies.

On Thursday, Carta confirmed it has raised an $80 million Series D funding round — led by Meritech and Tribe Capital — to help expand its product suite even further.

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