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Breakout Series IV
Thursday, 16 September 2021
10:50-11:30 PDT
13:50-14:30 EDT
18:50-19:30 BST
19:50-20:30 CEST
01:50-02:30 HKT +1
03:50-04:30 AEST +1

Tuesday, 21 September 2021
17:50-18:30 PDT
20:50-21:30 EDT
01:50-02:30 BST +1
02:50-03:30 CEST +1
08:50-09:30 HKT +1
10:50-11:30 AEST +1

4.2 Using Equity to Drive Equality

ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance criteria have been talked about for years, but the circumstances of the past eighteen months have brought them to the forefront. Now that we've set goals at a corporate level to do better, how do we enact the changes we desire? Join this passionate group of equity professionals in discussing the role that equity compensation plays in driving ESG and how to utilize performance awards (short- and long-term) to drive goals. And now that we’ve seen ESG metrics in action during the 2021 proxy season, we'll discuss best practices and lessons learned from early adopter case studies, and the role that these goals play in the financial success of the company.
Amanda Benincasa, Aon (US)
Anitha Dhanwada, OppFi (US)
Elena Thomas, Plan Management Corporation | OptionTrax (US)
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