Breakout Series 1
10:45 - 11:30
Location: Ground Floor, Lovelace

1.1 Reimagining Share Plan Communnications

In this session we will be exploring the challenge faced by Unilever to make new plan performance measures engaging and easy to understand.

Although the measures had already been launched and educational materials made available to participants, Unilever prioritized the creation of fresh and simple communications to make it easy for all employees to level up their knowledge.

The panel will introduce you to the interactive ‘people like me’ stories designed to connect the measures with the behaviors needed for the plan to succeed, coupled with an interactive guide that enabled people to shape their own learning path.

Attend this session to find out:

  • What can stop employees from engaging with their equity compensation.
  • Why Unilever’s approach was unique and effective in increasing employee engagement.
  • Tips to make plan features tangible, simple and fun.
  • How communications can impact how employees understand their performance measures.


Mary Davey, Unilever (UK)
Nigel McNeil, Fidelity (UK)

Employee Engagement
CPE Credit
Field of Study: Communications & Marketing
Level: 0