Breakout Series 5
15:35 - 16:20
Location: Ground Floor, Lovelace

5.1 Corporate Glue: Uniting Your Global Workforce with Equity Compensation


As companies look at the future of work, they are forced to consider the impacts of hybrid working and trust based policies on their corporate culture.

With many employees now having autonomy over how best, how effectively and even from where they can work, a lack of shared in-office experiences can often leave them feeling disconnected from their employer and colleagues.

Employee equity compensation has the potential to be the unifying corporate glue that brings workforces together. Our panel will consider how employee equity plans need to evolve to achieve this and to provide the benefits employees want to receive.

Attendees to this session will:

  • Discover how offering stock plans can give people a common goal and a sense of ownership and participation.
  • Learn the potential impacts of a fractured and hybrid workforce.
  • Consider engagement and retention challenges and why companies need to be looking at solutions sooner rather than later.
  • Look at examples of companies who successfully launched new global equity plans in 2021 and how their employees are beginning to think like owners.
  • Understand how plans could move from a one-size-fits-all solution to adapting to the company’s needs


Cathy Wears, CMS (UK)
Nick Lawry, Kindred Group (UK)
Bryony Wilson, Global Shares (UK)



CPE Credit
Field of Study: Business Management and Operations
Level: 0